Choosing a Program That’s Right for You

We have programs designed for a range of ages and a variety of needs, because serving the planet is serving the planet, no matter where you are or what your circumstances. See below to find the right program for you, or see a brochure that describes our programs for high school students ages 15 to 19, gap years, college students and recent graduates ages 18 and up, and ages 21 and up.

If you are a park or resource manager looking for help with a project, find the program that is right for you.

18 and Under

National Crews

Youth serving on one of Student Conservation Association's National Crews hike to their next hitch

Ready to tromp through remote wilderness and sleep out under the stars? Let’s go! National Crews take on essential service projects during the summer at national parks, forests, and wildlife refuges all over the country. Members are often recruited nationally and spend most of their time camping. Learn more…

Community Crews

High School Students are able to serve the environment and gain critical skills near their homes on the Student Conservation Association's Community Crews

Prefer to serve the parts of the planet that are within driving distance from your neighborhood? Perfect! Community Crews team you up with other local conservationists to restore parks, waterfronts, and urban landscapes. Community crew members are recruited locally and commute to projects, though a camping trip is often part of the experience. Learn more…

Regional Crews

Youth serving on the Student Conservation Association's Regional Crews do trail work in their state park

Eager to make an impact close by with people who love your home place as much as you? It’s possible! Regional Crews bring together conservation-minded youth to complete important service projects in the parks that make their region unique. Members are recruited regionally. Some crews camp while others commute from home. Learn more…

18 or older

Individual Internships

Want to monitor sea turtle nests on Florida beaches? We got you. How about develop a social media strategy for a sprawling wilderness preserve in remote Alaska? We got you there, too. Our Conservation Internships come in a wild range of focuses. What do they all have in common? You’ll work directly with experienced professionals, develop tangible skills, and make substantial contributions toward saving the planet. Learn more…

Sara Shallenberger Brown GCA National Parks Conservation Scholarship

The Sara Shallenberger Brown GCA National Parks Conservation Scholarship is awarded to students pursuing careers in conservation and environmental research. Undergraduate college students age 19-20 may apply.

This scholarship enables eligible students to attend a three-week summer study at one of the country’s national parks. The scholarship includes a stipend, transportation and covers all training for environmental field work and study. Students accepted will be part of a crew team working at national parks across America.

The purpose of the scholarship is to give worthy students an opportunity to experience an apprentice crew leadership role with the Student Conservation Association (SCA), a national leader in youth service and stewardship. Applicants will be required to complete an essay and furnish two letters of recommendation along with their resume.

The Sara Shallenberger Brown GCA National Parks Conservation Scholarship is offered by the Garden Club of America. This particular scholarship was launched in 2011 in honor of Sara Shallenberger Brown for her dedication to the environment as a member of the Glenview Garden Club of Louisville, Kentucky.

The deadline for this scholarship is February 2, 2020.

Apply Now.

Team-based: Corps programs

Prefer teamwork to going it alone? No prob. We’ll team you up with other SCA members to tackle projects too daunting for any one individual to take on. Learn more…

Special Initiatives

Our special initiatives have unique structures and specific requirements that set them apart from the rest. Have a look to see if any of them are right for you. Learn more…

Gap Year programs

Are you a recent high school grad looking to take some time to explore different options before college? Are you interested in helping to improve the environment while pushing yourself to grow? You’ve come to the right place. SCA offers a variety of activities to help you gain life experience and perspective during your gap year…all while serving the planet. Learn more…

21 or older

Field Leaders

More than just supervisors, SCA Field Leaders serve to mentor, motivate, and inspire, ensuring that their team members learn, grow, and achieve great things over the course of their programs. Do you have the skills, experience, and bona fide grit to lead others down the path to a sustainable future? Then this might be the job for you. Learn more…

Internships for 21 and older

Looking to team up with other diehard conservationists to take on tough work in challenging conditions that will take you deep into the wilderness and test your very limits? Look no further than SCA’s legendary Conservation Corps. SCA’s Corps are a primer for our field leader positions Learn more…

SCA also has a number of individual internships targeted specifically for those over the age of 21. Search to Learn more…

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