Youth: Enrollment Process

For parents, guardians and mentors of high school students who have been selected for a high school SCA position.

Once your child accepts their SCA position offer, they will receive information about the specific enrollment steps required to secure their position with SCA. The information below provides a general overview of some key elements in the process.

Accept Their Offer Online: Candidates must accept their SCA position offer through their online MySCA portal. Once they complete this electronic acceptance, they will begin receiving information about the next steps for their enrollment.

Minor Participants: Parents/guardians of minor participants (under 18), will be cc’d on all enrollment communications. All enrollment forms for minor participants must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Background Check: Youth participants aged 18 and older are required to complete and pass a background check. This can take up to several weeks to process, so your child should complete the form as soon as they receive it.

Medical Forms: Most youth programs require members to complete medical history forms. We encourage parents/guardians to complete the medical form with the participant to ensure that the information is complete and accurate.  

Gear: Participants will receive information from SCA about the gear required for their position. For most youth positions, members are expected to provide personal gear (sturdy boots, backpack, long work pants, etc) while SCA provides all group gear (tents, cooking equipment, water filtration, etc.). Personal gear may be rented, borrowed, or purchased through SCA if desired.

Travel: Participants will receive specific travel information when they accept a position. This will include the daily meet-up location for commuting crews or the start and end meet-up locations for overnight crews.