Youth: Application Process

For parents, guardians and mentors of high school students applying for high school specific programs.

Many of SCA’s applicants are making their first foray into the world of applications, references, and professional communications. While we expect youth to take the lead in each of these steps, we value the impact that support from a caring parent, guardian or mentor can provide.  

Your child should fill out their own application. We want to get a sense of who your child is and what they are passionate about. Candidates should write their essays in their own words and take the lead in filling out the application. Encourage your child to do their best work and to check for errors before they submit their application. School advisors and guidance counselors may also be able to support your child in completing their application.

Candidates should check their email regularly. Many of our most critical communications to your child will arrive via email. Encourage your child to check their messages regularly (2 to 3 times per week minimum) to avoid missing important notifications.

Act on Feedback. At SCA, it’s our mission to develop the next generation of conservation leaders.  If your child acts on feedback that they receive from us, it can dramatically increase their likelihood of securing a position.

Use the resources available:  

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