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by Alyssa Kalter | Posted Friday, November 22, 2013

Most of my time at my SCA internship was spent working with and improving the projects I discussed with you guys in my last blog:...

by Alyssa Kalter | Posted Monday, November 18, 2013

Among the waste reduction projects I worked on at Zephyr Cove, my favorite was working on food waste. I knew I would be...

by Alyssa Kalter | Posted Monday, November 18, 2013

At the beginning of my internship ARAMARK brought all of the SCA Sustainability Interns to Philadelphia for an orientation to discuss the program...

by Alyssa Kalter | Posted Monday, November 18, 2013

Hey all, I’m Alyssa, I’m currently working as an...

Alyssa Kalter

Aramark Sustainability Blogger

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Position Title: 

 ARAMARK/SCA Environmental Sustainability Intern

Field Site Name: 

 Zephyr Cove Resort and Lake Tahoe Cruises, Zephyr Cove, NV


 Marlboro, NJ


 The Pennsylvania State University


 Nutritional Sciences

Dream Job: 

 Local Food Procurer

If I could pass a law: 

 It would be something worldwide, related to ensuring fair trade and fair living wages for those in developing countries.

Current Favorite Song: 

 Let’s be Still by The Head and the Heart

The person who inspires me most is…: 

 My old boss, the Director of Strategy at Penn State’s Sustainability Institute

If I was a shape-shifter, I’d turn into: 

 Both really small things like bugs and really large things like mountains. It would be cool to see the world from those perspectives.

My Motto: 

 All you can do is look forward.

Most memorable outdoor moment: 
Sitting at a parade in a small town when I was studying abroad in Australia. We were all lined up on the streets, watching what was going on in front of us. For a minute or so, I took the opportunity to look up at the vast sky above. I got this insane feeling of how small we are and how large the environment around us is, and how odd it is that most of the time we’re only concerned with what humans are doing in the small percentage of the world that we populate.

What forces, events, or influences in your life inspired you to become a conservationist? I first went into college to study nutrition, to help people lead healthier lives. In learning more about the subject, I realized how big of an impact our food system has on the environment. When learning more about these impacts and how to lessen or even reverse them, I found that my passion lays in sustainable food systems: a way to bring healthy food to people and also protect the environment. I never really viewed myself as a “conservationist” until I recently made the connection that you can’t be a sustainability advocate without inherently being a conservationist. Why are we trying to use less, waste less, and be more efficient? Because we want to keep our world as pristine as possible and leave as much as we can for generations to come.


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