Tuition Crews at Olympic National Park

Hiking along the beautiful wilderness coast, next to tide pools and underneath steep headlands, every step quickens your pulse. This summer, SCA and NatureBridge are teaming up to offer a one-of-a-kind combination: conservation and marine science.

Enjoy three weeks on the coast, sleeping under the stars at Olympic National Park. Its rugged and remote Pacific beaches are among the wildest sea shores in the lower 48—a perfect location to discover new insights on stewardship, the skills to be self-sufficient in nature, and the ability to direct others in nature…or anywhere else.

You will hike 5-10 miles each day over varied terrain (including rocky and sandy beaches), carrying everything you need in a large backpack. You and your team will also learn basic backpacking and wilderness skills, develop a deeper understanding of marine ecology and natural history, and forge lifelong friendships.

Crew members will backpack down the Olympic Coast learning navigational skills, conducting conservation service work by collecting marine debris and removing it from the coast, and applying scientific methods to research questions inspired by the unique coastal ecosystem within Olympic National Park. This challenging and fun adventure will likely be one of your most meaningful and rewarding experiences. This position is great for budding scientists!

Each step of this experience will be supported by SCA and NatureBridge staff, who will help you grow in confidence, skills and abilities. Together, we’ve helped tens of thousands of young adults reach the summit of conservation leadership and there’s no better way to the top.

What is Conservation Leadership?

Leadership comes in many forms and conservation leadership is among the most distinctive, respected and impactful. A conservation leader creates a more sustainable world—and motivates others to act similarly, resulting in an exponential force for good and a healthier planet for all.

Independent studies show that SCA’s outdoor programs generate “increased self-confidence, self-esteem...improved critical thinking and problem-solving skills, enhanced creativity, and a greater sense of personal meaning and direction.”

At the same time, NatureBridge instills understanding of the principles and practices of science as a core tenant of achieving environmental literacy; our programs seek to support the development of a future citizenry comprised with the environmental ‘know-how” to inform their decisions, and lead their peers.

This is the path to conservation leadership. Take that next step.

Apply for an SCA Tuition Crew today.

Here's what students are saying about SCA and NatureBridge:

“We learned each step we took ... Every day, no matter what we were doing, we were always learning something new.”

“It made me realize that I am capable of a lot more than I originally thought. I now say 'I will' instead of 'I'll try.'”

“It has given me a new-found self-confidence and helped me realize physical abilities I didn't know I had.”

“It was such a growing experience. It impacted me greatly. I proved to myself how independent I can be.”

“I came home a different person. I found something larger than myself.”

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