Regional Crews

Ready to make a difference in your own backyard? SCA’s Regional Crews offer opportunities for students to build trails, conserve vital habitats, and protect natural resources for future generations while staying close to home. Develop your leadership and outdoor skills while doing important work right in your home community.

Application Deadline: Rolling deadline

Visit Alaska and the Northwest’s regional pages to learn more about their specific 2017 opportunities!

Regional Crews:

  • Include 6 to 10 high school aged members per crew
  • Serve 2 to 8 weeks in the summer
  • Are supervised by one or two experienced adult leaders
  • Offer volunteer and paid opportunities, as well as community service hours

Regional Crew Members:

  • Complete trail maintenance and site restoration projects in national, regional, state, or local parks in their region
  • Commute daily from home or live in tents on site
  • Develop collaboration and leadership skills while working with other high school students from their region
  • Learn about local wildlife and help to preserve vital habitats
  • Learn practical outdoor skills and Leave No Trace practices
  • Explore local outdoor recreational opportunities with their crew on non-work days

The ideal candidate:

  • Lives in one of the regions listed on this page
  • Is 15 to 19 years old on the start date of the crew
  • Is a current high school student, or graduated from high school the semester directly before the summer crew
  • Demonstrates leadership skills and/or responsibility
  • Participates with extracurricular groups or volunteer organizations
  • Likes working with people
  • Enjoys spending time outdoors
  • Wants to learn more about ecology or environmental topics

2017 Regional Crew Locations and Application Codes

More locations coming soon!

  • Alaska Regional Crews: multiple locations open to residents of Alaska  
    Learn more on the Alaska crews webpage and flyer!
    Application Code: PO-00722448

  • Northwest Regional Crews: open to residents of Washington state
    Application Code: PO-00722373

  • Boston Harbor Islands Crew
    Application Code: PO-00722911

  • NH Roving Crew: open to NH residents and some VT residents.
    Application Code: PO-00721549

How to apply:

  • Use the list above to find the Application Code for the crew in your region.
  • New candidates: Click on the “Apply Now” button in the upper right of this page, enter your Application Code at the bottom of the form, and follow the directions to create a username and password.
  • Returning candidates: Click on the “Member Login” button in the upper right of this page, login to MySCA, and enter your Application Code in the Home page of your portal. 
  • All candidates: Complete or update the online SCA application including the National/Regional Youth Crews section; or complete a paper application if one has been provided to you. 

Admissions Process: January through June

  • Applications for Regional Crews are accepted on a rolling basis until all positions are filled
  • You may be asked to attend an in-person or phone interview
  • Selected candidates will receive an offer by phone or email
  • You will have the opportunity to accept or decline the offer
  • If you accept, you will receive the Medical Form and Conditions of Acceptance Form to fill out
  • Candidates who are not selected will receive an email or phone call declining their participation or inviting them to be placed on a waitlist

Questions about Regional Crews?

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