How to Apply

Applying to SCA for an internship begins here. Fin andser

Applying for Young Adult Programs

The first step to landing a life-changing internship is completing a high quality application that accurately reflects your skills, experience, and interests. Follow the steps on this page to get started!


To apply to SCA’s Young Adult programs, you must be: 

  • 18 or older
  • A student or not a student
  • Interested in conservation service work


Choose positions that: 

  • Sound exciting to you!
  • Match your skill sets or goals
  • Have a good fit rating (80% or higher is best!)
  • Match your dates

How many positions should I apply for?

  • Up to 20 

How does the placement process work?

  • You apply
  • SCA reviews all applications and sends top candidates to sites for review
  • You receive an email if your application is sent
  • Sites conduct interviews and select their top candidate

When will my application be sent to sites? 

  • Anytime a site requests candidates and your application is in the top 20 for fit rating
  • Sites generally request candidates three months before the position start date
  • Your application will not be sent to all of the positions you apply for

To increase your chances of having your application sent: 

  • Choose several geographic areas and more than one type of position
  • Include “Hot Internships”, which need to be filled ASAP
  • Aim for a fit rating of 80% or higher
  • Be thorough and accurate in your application