How to Apply

Applying to SCA for an internship begins here. Fin andser

Applying for Young Adult Programs

The first step to landing a life-changing internship is completing a high quality application that accurately reflects your skills, experience, and interests. Follow the steps on this page to get started!


To apply to SCA’s Young Adult programs, you must be: 

  • 18 or older
  • A student or not a student
  • Interested in conservation service work


Choose positions that: 

  • Sound exciting to you!
  • Match your skill sets or goals
  • Have a good fit rating (80% or higher is best!)
  • Match your dates

How many positions should I apply for?

  • Up to 20 

How does the placement process work?

  • You apply by indicating interest in up to 20 positions
  • Once you have indicated interest you have done everything on your end! Don't withdraw from a position you are interested in and then reapply as it can slow down the process 
  • SCA reviews all applications and sends top candidates to sites for review
  • You receive an email if your application is sent
  • Sites conduct interviews and select their top candidate

When will my application be sent to sites? 

  • Anytime a site requests candidates and your application is in the top 20 for fit rating although the fit rating is not the only factor considered
  • Sites generally request candidates three months before the position start date
  • Your application will not be sent to all of the positions you apply for
  • Your application will still be considered for a position even if it not in the top 20 for the fit rating

To increase your chances of having your application sent: 

  • Choose several geographic areas and more than one type of position
  • Include “Hot Internships”, which need to be filled ASAP
  • Aim for a fit rating of 80% or higher
  • Be thorough and accurate in your application

How to Apply FAQ

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First, you will create a profile with SCA by clicking on the ‘Apply’ button in the top righthand corner of the homepage. Once you have created a profile you will fill out the basic application and then the applications for the types of positions you are interested in (corps, internships, community crews). When the applications have been completed you will have the option to search for positions and indicate interest in up to 20 positions. That’s it! SCA takes the process from there in reviewing your application and sending them to partners when they see a good fit.

The more internships you indicate interest, the greater the likelihood that you will be selected for one. If you are really only interested in one type of internship, try to find other ones like it and cater your basic application and your internship application more towards those types of positions.

Your application is serving as a "master" application in order for you to be able to apply to as many as 20 internships. If you are casting a wide net, you can answer them according to your strengths and skills and how you think those could help you in a wide variety of internships.

There are many internships that are more field-based and there are also many community crews that allow you to work locally and gain skills in areas such as tree-felling, chainsaw, and other power tools depending on your region. Check out the community crew page to see if there is one near you.

Most of SCA’s internships require some travel if they are not local to you and usually provide both a travel stipend and housing. SCA also has special roving crews that travel frequently within a state or region and corps programs that allow more hands-on “backcountry” work that requires travel Learn more here.

Many of our internships, especially in states like CA or AK, require local candidates only. You are also able to filter out internships based on locations. SCA community crews are also set up to be more like a local 9-5 internship where you can still live at home and commute.

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