Young Adult FAQ

I'm ready to apply! Where do I start?

To apply to an SCA internship login to our online management system, MySCA. After creating your MySCA account you will be able to update your profile, apply for new positions, respond to offers, and much more.

Please visit the How to Apply page to find additional information about the application process. 

Can I get academic credit for an internship?

Interns may be able to receive academic credit through the college or institution in which they are currently enrolled. Contact your academic advisor to discuss whether this is possible.

I already graduated from college. Can I still participate in SCA?

Yes! You do not need to be in school or affiliated with school in any way. A few positions every year have an age restriction (under 25), and that will be listed in the position requirements. Some positions are looking for candidates with a strong background in a particular area, so doing SCA with a degree under your belt makes you a more competitive candidate. 

Is there an age restriction to participate in SCA?

Most of our young adult programs do not have age restrictions; we have had interns as old as 75! A few positions every year do have an age restriction (under 25), and that will be listed in the position requirements.

Are SCA programs only for science majors?

We have seen a variety of majors participate: History, English, Art, International Relations, Business, Math, Spanish, etc. Some positions are looking for applicants with specific backgrounds, while others offer on-site training and only require that applicants be passionate about the position. Read through the position descriptions thoroughly to determine which positions are the best match for you. We offer internships in a wide variety of areas.

Do SCA programs run all year round, or just in the summer?

SCA offers positions at all times throughout the year. Some positions run during the summer, while others run throughout the school year. Each internship will indicate the dates of the program, so you can find internships that match your dates of availability. Internships can last anywhere from twelve weeks to twelve months.

Are SCA internships paid?

SCA internships are expense-paid. They provide a variety of allowances or grants designed to help offset the costs associated with traveling to and staying at the site of the internship. Typical positions include a one-time travel allowance and weekly living allowance. Many positions also include some sort of housing or housing stipend. Many positions are also eligible for an AmeriCorps Education Award at the end of service. Visit our Internship Benefits page to learn more. And don’t forget, there are also many non-monetary benefits to any SCA position!

How will I get to my internship site? How do I set up my travel?

SCA provides members with a travel allowance. The travel allowance will be added to the US Bank card provided to you by SCA. The amount added is dependent on your site location. The standard amount is $650. However, you may be eligible for more travel allowance if your site is not in the contiguous US, is in a remote location, or requires a vehicle. If your position is listed as “local only”, you may not qualify for the standard travel allowance but may receive commuting travel benefits instead.

Members are responsible for booking their own travel. We encourage members to look into booking flights with SCA’s official airline Southwest. They do not charge change fees or baggage fees (up to 2 bags.)

Please note, this policy has changed from previous years. Returning members should not use our previous travel agency, Egencia, to book travel. Also note, that you are no longer responsible for keeping or submitting receipts. And, you can decide how you want to use the travel allowance. As long as you get to your site, the travel allowance is yours. Yes, we heard your requests for a more streamlined travel policy.

I’m a returning member and I can’t log in to my Egencia account. What do I do?

Our travel policy has changed. Returning members should not login to Egencia to book their travel. Instead, SCA is providing members with a travel allowance to cover the cost of travel to and from the site. Travel allowance is dependent on the location of your site.

Members now have the flexibility to choose how they will get to their internship site and how they will use the travel allowance to get there. This means you are no longer responsible for keeping or submitting receipts. If you book a cheaper ticket, the difference is yours.

This change in travel policy is in response to requests from both members and partners for a more streamlined approach. Read the internship handbook for details on allowances and exceptions.