Young Adult Programs

Do you have a passion for the environment? Ready to travel to new places and take on new challenges? Want to find a way to turn your conservation interests into a career?

Join SCA’s nationwide network of young conservationists and explore green career opportunities with professional internships in the field. Whether your dream is to lead public programs as a park ranger, trek the backcountry as a field scientist, or explore new sustainability solutions as an urban planner, SCA has something for you

SCA’s Young Adult Program Positions Are:

Individual Internships

Are you interested in environmental education? Water quality monitoring? Forestry? Archaeology? Public outreach? Whatever your environmental passion, SCA has an internship that will give you the opportunity to work closely with a partner agency or organization to get firsthand experience in the field. SCA internships include thousands of unique opportunities to gain hands-on conservation and sustainability experience all across the country. SCA interns are placed individually with a partner agency. Internships range from 3 to 12 months and are open to high school graduates ages 18 and up. Learn more.

Team-based Programs: SCA Corps

Do you prefer to work and learn as part of a team? SCA’s Corps Programs are built on a team-based model and are managed by SCA field staff. These programs give you the opportunity to join with other young people who share your passion for the outdoors and accomplish hands-on conservation projects as a team. In depth trainings help corps members build the hard and soft skills needed to succeed as conservation leaders. Corps Programs range from 3 to 12 months and are open to high school graduates ages 18 and up. Learn more. 

Special Programs

Are you looking for a different way to give back to the planet? Maybe you have unique qualifications, such as being a recent military veteran. Perhaps you are looking for career opportunities aimed at diversifying the National Park Service or the Fish and Wildlife Service? SCA has a selection of unique programs that might meet your specific qualifications and needs. Many of these programs provide a mix of team-based orientations and trainings with individual or small-group site placements. Others have unique time commitments or very specific requirements. Check these programs out to discover the myriad of ways you can serve the planet with SCA. Learn more.

Gap Year Programs

Are you a recent high school grad looking to take some time to explore different options before college? Are you interested in helping to improve the environment while pushing yourself to grow? You’ve come to the right place. SCA offers a variety of activities to help you gain life experience and perspective during your gap year…all while serving the planet.

You’ll find opportunities in a variety of fields and locations, ranging from team-based programs to individual internships. Our programs will connect you with the most relevant government agencies, nonprofit organizations and corporate sector partners leading the way in conservation and environmental change. Nearly 80,000 young people have gone through SCA gaining conservation, leadership and life skills in the process. Learn more.

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