Trail Corps

SCA Trails Corps do the dirty work. Steeped in the rich tradition of wilderness trail workers, teams of SCA corps members construct, repair, maintain, and restore access corridors across the country. Trails teams also survey trail locations and conditions utilizing both GIS and manual data collection techniques.

The SCA Trails Corps teams work in small groups, led by an experienced trails leader. Work projects often are in wilderness areas and are constructed utilizing hand tools. Trails teams analyze, plan, and complete various trail projects including maintenance and clearing, construction of erosion prevention structures, and construction of steps, walkways, and bridges in timber or rock. Trails Inventory and Assessment Teams train in use of advanced GPS and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology including data gathering, quality control, and analysis. Members travel in pairs to remote sites to collect trail data.

Members receive weekly living allowances. Housing and field-based meals are provided, but positions may require camping in the field for a significant portion of the program.

Trainings Offered: 

  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Crosscut Saw Operation
  • Leave No Trace (LNT) Outdoor Ethics
  • Trails Work Skills
  • Backcountry Cooking
  • Trails Assessment
  • Data Collection (if applicable)

Eligibility Requirements: 

Members must be at least 18 years of age and pass a background check. Other requirements vary by position


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Hitch 8 started with a weeklong stop in central California to inventory four refuges in the central valley. We had beautiful sunny days to cover several trails, most of them in the grassy flatlands of the region. We were fortunate to finish up work early enough to justify making a trip to Yosemite National Park. We had one day to take a long hike and soak up the iconic valley.

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November has come and went. The month started with The River Town Outreach Corps heading to Georgia for a fun filled weekend at the Outdoor Nation Atlanta Summit. Fellow Green Cities Interns came along for the trip from Pittsburgh as well.
The weekend was full of activities, trainings, and camping.

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Half a year it has been. The weather has drifted from warm to cold and back the other way to hot. The excitement of a new adventure has waned away, only to build again as the crew now turns to their next undertaking.

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The goal of the SCA Trails Corps is to provide meaningful opportunities to volunteers, while effectively preserving and enhancing trail corridors and historic sites on our public lands.

We do the dirty work, keeping the water off the trail (and the trail out of the water) in addition to keeping people on the trail.

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Our crew began its last hitch in the Pacific Northwest on a cool fall day in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. We were welcomed with the Northwest’s characteristically damp and cloudy skies falling softly upon us. The remainder of the hitch we would see the sun briefly now and then but were more often than not struggling through rain.

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