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SCA Volunteers and Interns at an NPS Centennial Find Your Park Day of Service in New York City

In recognition of the 100th Birthday of the National Park Service, 100 SCA members nationwide led the effort to connect people to their national parks and public lands as SCA Community Volunteer Ambassadors (formerly known as Centennial Volunteer Ambassadors). Serving at national parks, monuments, and historic sites across 30 states, SCA’s Community Volunteer Ambassadors expanded park partnerships in local communities and engaged the next generation of parks volunteers.

Interns served with the Volunteers in Parks (VIP) program at national parks, historic sites, recreation areas, and parkways throughout the United States, with a focus on NPS sites in urban areas.

“The National Park Service’s Centennial celebration will focus as much on our future as on our past. We are excited that young people, including our Community Volunteer Ambassadors, are stepping up as the next generation of conservation leaders. I know this opportunity will enable them to form lasting connections to national parks and the natural world. I also know that their contagious passion will inspire many others to do the same.”

- National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis

The Community Volunteer Ambassador was a yearlong position designed to support parks around the country in expanding service and community engagement programs. The work included:

  • Coordinating and hosting hands-on service project associated with national stewardship events (i.e. Earth Day, National Trails Day, National Public Lands Day, Martin L. King Day of Service)
  • Developing local events and supporting recurring group service opportunities
  • Utilizing traditional and social media to build connections in the communities

“To connect people to parks in the next century, the NPS must develop and nurture life-long connections between the public and parks – especially for young people”

A Call to Action, 2013

Video: Community Volunteer Ambassadors Find their Parks

Stories from our Community Volunteer Ambassadors

In preparation for the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks Service, SCA fielded dozens of Community Volunteer Ambassadors around the nation to mobilize the public in volunteer service at our most treasured natural spaces. Our Ambassadors have shared some of their experiences in the field.

As a Centennial Volunteer Ambassador at Padre Island National Seashore, I’ve gotten to meet some pretty cool people. Recently I sat down with Dr. Donna Shaver, Chief of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery at Padre Island. Given we’re both natives of New York, Cornell University grads and SCA alumni, we...Read more


SCA Cape Cod Crew working at the National Seashore
This July, eight anxious, nervous, and excited high school students arrived here at Cape Cod National Seashore. They, along with their two crew leaders, were selected to be part of an SCA National Crew – and they were lucky enough to spend their time and energy here at the beautiful Seashore! This...Read more


wildflowers and rainbow at Big Cypress National Preserve. Photo courtesy of BigCypressNPS
by Joshua Kezar, Centennial Volunteer Ambasssador, Big Cypress National Preserve I ate breakfast this morning on my screened porch overlooking a small pond behind my building. As I blindly and repeatedly stuck my right hand down toward the bottom of the bag of powdered donuts in my lap, gazing out...Read more


School Children visiting Valley Forge National Park. Photo credit: Valley Forge National Park
“What battle was fought here?” It’s a question that a lot of the rangers get here at Valley Forge National Historical Park. I’ve never been asked, since as a Centennial Volunteer Ambassador I play a more behind-the-scenes role working with the volunteer coordinator and our Volunteers-In-Parks (VIPs...Read more


ABOVE: My office for the afternoon… “On the edge of a moment, in a land that we love, at a time that our best has to be good enough. Like all those before us, we start out alone, we race from our schoolyards into the unknown…you and I, we will live differently…this moment is yours. This moment is...Read more


ABOVE: Kahmia at Gateway National Recreation Area’s NYC Pride table. Centennial Volunteer Ambassador Proud Moment #1: I brought Gateway National Recreation Area to NYC Pride!!! The idea first sparked in my head last year while interning in Washington, DC for National Capital Parks- East at the Mary...Read more


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