Alaska Regional Crews

SCA Alaska Crewmembers getting ready to go out on the trail.

SCA is looking for adventurous Alaskans ages 15-19 to participate in summer Regional Crews.  These crews are fielded during the summer months with the Launch! orientation program in April to prepare for the summer.

Download the 2016 Alaska crew flyer Download this pdf flyer on the Alaska Crew 2016 program

What is a Regional Crew?

3 – 10 weeks long (most are 4 weeks) | starts early June or early July

Teamwork and Conservation Projects:

Crew Members work on crews of 6-8 members with 2 professional crew leaders.  Crews are located throughout the state, with many on the Kenai and in Southcentral.  Members camp in tents, cook meals together, and fully participate in a team throughout the duration of their program. The team works together to complete conservation projects like trail work, cabin restoration, invasive weed removal, salmon habitat improvement, and forest fuel reduction. Teams will also participate in educational and fun activities like exploring the local ecosystem, practicing leadership skills, recreational hiking, and participating in local community events.

Key Partners:

  • BLM Campbell Tract
  • Bristol Bay Native Corporation
  • Cook Inlet Region, Inc.
  • Municipality of Anchorage – Parks & Recreation
  • National Park Service
  • Chugach National Forest

Celebrating the vast outdoors with SCA's Alaska Regional Crew


A big part of the Regional Crew experience is learning new things. You can learn about anything from public land resources and environmental issues to leadership and career readiness skills. Members will also leave with an increased understanding of environmental and trail restoration techniques and will acquire experience in public service and outdoor recreation. Members are also expected to participate in chores, providing them with a chance to learn how to cook for a group and keep a clean and animal-proof camp.

Launch!  April 15-17, 2016

Launch! is a weekend (Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) orientation filled with meeting new friends, teambuilding games, a service project, and spending time outside. At Launch! you will learn a lot more about being on a summer crew, like what to pack and what to expect for your conservation project.  People who attend Launch! receive preferred placement for summer crews and receive their crew offer first. 

SCA Alaska Crewmembers working the trail

Eligibility and Details

Costs and Stipends

All Regional Crews are provided at no cost. Members are responsible for travel to and from Anchorage for Launch! and their crew. Travel scholarships for rural students may be available. Members typically earn a $500 stipend after successfully completing a 4 week crew. Please keep in mind that this stipend is not a wage, and members who are dismissed or leave early from the program may be ineligible.

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Ages 15-19
  • Positive attitude
  • Motivation to serve
  • Demonstrated maturity, leadership, and social responsibility
  • Willing to camp, live, and work with other youth
  • Interest in ecological and conservation topics
  • Ready to fully participate in a team-based program

SCS's Alaska Regional Crew enjoying the scenery

What Next?

Launch! Application Deadline: February 29, 2016

*Rolling deadline until April 1, 2016*

Download the 2016 Alaska crew flyer Download this pdf flyer on the Alaska Crew 2016 program


Complete the Basic SCA Application and the Youth: Crews portion

Use Application/Promo Code PO-00695949.




For an application fee waiver or if you have any trouble or questions contact Jeff Chen, Alaska Recruiter at or 907-717-8414, or Eileen Kazura, Alaska Program Manager at