Wilderness Intern

Expected Dates
June 11, 2018 to September 1, 2018
Yellowstone National Park
Position ID
You will assist backcountry rangers with day to day work activities including clearing backcountry trails with handtools (crosscut saw and axes), maintenance and upkeep of backcountry campsites, cabin maintenance and upkeep, and trail maintenance such as brushing and cleaning water bars, (30%). You will also be responsible for staffing a backcountry contact station issuing camping permits, fishing licenses, and entrance passes. Other duties include, corral, and area project work including painting, cleaning, and brushing, and feed and groom horses, (70%).
  • The position will be located at the Bechler Ranger Station in Yellowstone National Park. The station is remote. It is located at the end of a 12 mile gravel road, 25 miles from the nearest town. There are 6 other rangers at the station. There are hiking and fishing opportunities right out the backdoor of the station.
  • There will be opportunities for horse training, First Aid and CPR training, Canoe and Kayak Safety, Bear
    Safety, chainsaw, axe and crosscut saw safety and training, resource management training, tree climbing
  • Recreational: Hiking, fishing, significant back country access, Educational: back country and Park
    management issues, occasionally working with other resource management operations, flora and fauna.
  • No
Main Area of Focus
Visitor Services and Site Operations
Education, Training & Skills Expected
Recreation Management
some coursework or experience
Resource Management
some coursework or experience
Chain Saw Skills
competent with supervision
Customer Service
competent without supervision
Hand Tools
competent with supervision
Money Handling
competent with supervision
Trail Maintenance
competent with supervision