Valor in the Pacific Events Coordinator

Expected Dates
October 2, 2017 to June 24, 2018
Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge
Position ID

In 2018, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge will commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Attu. We seek an intern to plan a rich suite of interpretation and education events, create community outreach materials, and develop programs to commemorate this anniversary.These events, programs, and communications materials will be utilized both at the local level and across the state, with the possibility of scaling these to the national level. In addition, the selected candidate will be expected to conduct community outreach both in the area of Homer and potentially at smaller more rural gateway communities. 

Examples of communications materials may include: newsletters, social media posts, flyers, interpretive exhibits, etc…

Examples of programming and events may include: interpretive walks, interpretive/education talks, local school programming, and more

Possible field opportunities include travelling via the Research Vessel Tiglax or visiting remote refuge islands.
Minimum Education Level and Major Requirement: Archives/history/museum, education/outreach including visitor services/interpretation, environmental education, community outreach, communications; social sciences/humanities including human dimensions, anthropology,  social/environmental justice, Native American studies, or closely related field.
Desired Qualifications: Communications/Interpretation/Public Affairs knowledge or skills; strong written and verbal communication skills, personable and experienced at collaborating with others; knowledge of WWII history, Alaska history, and Alaska native people.

(Start and end-dates are flexible)

*Please include a 1-2 page resume attachment with your application as well as 2-3 up-to-date professional references*

  • Homer, Alaska is a stunning seaside city with a population size that feels small but amenities that are big. Great access to public lands and outdoor recreation, a thriving arts community, and great food.

    Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge was established to conserve marine mammals, seabirds and other migratory birds, and the marine resources upon which they rely. The Refuge’s 3.4 million acres include the spectacular volcanic islands of the Aleutian chain, the rich rainforests of the inside passage, the seabird cliffs of the remote Pribilofs, and icebound lands washed by the Chukchi Sea, providing essential habitat for some 40 million seabirds, representing more than 30 species. Much of this Refuge of islands and headlands is federally designate wilderness.  Swirling clouds of seabirds, rare Asiatic migrant birds, beaches of bellowing sea lions and fur seals, and salmon streams in abundance are a few of the wildlife highlights on the Alaska Maritime Refuge. The refuge is perhaps most unique for: the sheer abundance of life, species and subspecies found nowhere else (6 subspecies of Rock Ptarmigan are found only in the Aleutians), endangered and threatened marine mammals (Steller sea lion and otters), threats from invasive species (rats, fox, cattle, and marine invertebrates), and the possibility that new species are yet to be found among the remote and rugged 2,500 rocks, reefs and islands of the refuge. These lands set aside for wildlife and habitat in the early 1900’s were on the front lines of World War II when Japanese forces invaded and occupied Attu and Kiska Islands. These islands and others bear the scars of war, and tell the story of the valor of both soldier and civilian. In 2018, we will commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Attu.

  • Marine science talks and classes, environmental education and visitor services intern work
  • hiking, fishing, numerous cultural events
  • Yes
Main Area of Focus
Cultural/Historical Resource Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
Social Sciences
some coursework or experience
degree minor or extensive experience
some coursework or experience
degree minor or extensive experience
degree minor or extensive experience
Social Media
competent without supervision
Leadership Experience
competent with supervision
Community Engagement
some experience
competent without supervision
Volunteer Coordination
competent with supervision