U. S. Forest Service National Visitor Use Monitoring Interns

Expected Dates
September 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020
Allegheny National Forest
Position ID
Be a part of a team of three U.S. Forest Service National Visitor Use Monitoring Interns, collecting visitor survey data at Allegheny National Forest for 13 months. The National Visitor Use Monitoring program surveys over 100,000 visitors to National Forest System lands every five years, with 20% of the national forests conducting surveys each year. This nationwide visitor use survey provides statistically sound estimates of visitation to each national forest and to each site type. The surveys also provides information about who these visitors are demographically, why they come to the national forests, how satisfied they are with the facilities and services provided, and how much money they spend on their visit.

Team members will assist with social science research and data collection in the Forest. Members will engage in multiple steps in the social science research process. Data topics include estimates of the volume of recreation visitation to National Forest, descriptive information about that visitation, including activity participation, demographics, visit duration, measures of satisfaction, and trip spending connected to the visit. Results of the study will be used to help the U.S. Forest Service develop recreation and natural areas management plans and programs.
  • The Allegheny National Forest is a National Forest in northwestern Pennsylvania, about 100 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. The forest covers 513,175 acres of land. Within the forest is Kinzua Dam, which impounds the Allegheny River to form Allegheny Reservoir

    Marienville is the gateway to the Allegheny National Forest and its hundreds of miles of trails for ATV, snowmobiles, hiking, and horseback riding. Each May and October, nearly 1,000 ATV enthusiasts come to Marienville for Tour-De-Forest, an organized leisure ride. The annual winter festival features an inspiring snowmobile torchlight parade. Nature lovers flock to Buzzard Swamp for spectacular wildlife and bird watching, including bald eagle and osprey.

  • Interns will spend the first month learning how to do Visitor Use Monitoring for the USFS.
Main Area of Focus
Visitor Services and Site Operations
Education, Training & Skills Expected
some coursework or experience
Recreation Management
some coursework or experience
Leadership Experience
some experience
Community Engagement
some experience
Public Speaking
some experience