Trails & GIS Internship

Expected Dates
September 9, 2019 to June 7, 2020
George Washington and Jefferson National Forest - North River Ranger District
Position ID
Intern will serve to assist the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests trails program in completing a trails data improvement project for the Forest. This project will allow the Forest to update and improve current trails data that is used by the Agency for inventory and management purposes, and which is also used for public information.  Having accurate spatial and tabular data is critical to managing the trails, trail systems, and trail networks on the Forest. 
The intern will serve under the guidance and mentorship of the two project leads: the Forest  Coordinator and the Forest Trails and Wilderness Program Manager.  The intern will be directly supervised by the GIS Coordinator and will be stationed at the Forest Supervisor’s Office in Roanoke, VA. 
Specifically, the intern will:  (1) work with Forest project leads to develop a program of work and project timeline for accomplishing this trail data improvement project; (2) perform a quality assessment/quality control analysis of the data; (3) work with the individual seven Ranger Districts on the Forest (including the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area) to identify and fill data gaps, inaccuracies, and omissions and (4) update the data in the Agency’s GIS database and the official database of record for trails (NRM-Natural Resource Manager) to make sure it accurately reflects the trails on the Forest.
This position will require excellent ArcGIS skills.  Skills with GPS systems, electronic databases, and trail maintenance are a plus.  The position will require some travel across Virginia and require a person  comfortable in an outdoor environment with hiking experience working under various weather conditions.  They need to be able to be self-directed and self motivated. 
The Agency will train the intern on Agency databases and data entry.  They will also learn about trail program management and be able to develop project management and teamwork skills.
    Main Area of Focus
    Geographic Info Systems (GIS, includes GPS)
    Education, Training & Skills Expected
    some coursework or experience
    Resource Management
    some coursework or experience
    competent with supervision
    competent with supervision
    Hand Tools
    competent without supervision
    Trail Maintenance
    competent with supervision