Sustainability Fellow: Zero Waste

Expected Dates
March 19, 2018 to November 25, 2018
Pennsylvania Resources Council
Position ID

Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC), Pennsylvania’s oldest state wide environmental non-profit, established the Zero Waste Pennsylvania (ZWPA) project in 2008. ZWPA provides event waste services, organizational waste reduction consulting, and community recycling services. All services are predicated on the belief that waste is not inevitable.

The Zero Waste SCA Sustainability Fellow will assist PRC in implementing its existing ZWPA programming and will be tasked with exploring and developing new  programs. The Zero Waste Fellow (ZWF) will support PRC’s varied schedule of public hard-to-recycle and hazardous materials collection events, zero waste event services and other projects such as waste characterization studies and waste audits, with a focus on updating and implementing training, education and mangement program for volunteers and contractors to better educate the public, vendors and organizations on best practices to minimize waste at every stage, from production to procurement to the bin.

These specific assignments include the following:

Training and Education on Zero Waste Best Practices:

  • Research best practices to update Green Event Guidelines for zero waste events
  • Train, educate and manage volunteers and the ZWP team at zero-waste and collection events
  • Train, educate, and manage volunteers and the ZWP team on proper waste diversion techniques for food vendors and event attendees
  • Maintain Zero Waste outreach and events materials
  • Build PRC’s communications, maintaining a blog and social media reporting on ZWPA programs and sustainability topics, including maintaining a photo library during zero waste events

Zero Waste Event Impact Measurement and Tracking:

  • Design and development of zero waste event impacts measurement tool, calculating carbon emissions saved from sending waste to landfill
  • Weigh materials (compost and recycling) for zero waste events and waste audits
  • Track material weights for zero waste events and waste audits
  • Sort and process materials on an as needed basis

Program Support:

  • Work with Program Coordinators to support all aspects of Zero Waste and Hard to Recycle Collection events including, but not limited to; coordinating truck and event logistics, setup & tear down of equipment and resources, waste sorting, volunteer and contractor supervision, and public education about recycling and waste 

The SCA Sustainability Fellow will work closely with the ZWPA team in both office and community settings. This Fellowship offers an opportunity to create lasting environmental and social impacts on a broad set of audiences. Please see for more information about PRC and the ZWPA program. 


  • Undergraduate degree, preferably in environmental science, sustainability, business or public policy
  • Experience in project design, management and implementation
  • Leadership experience
  • Ability to work independently within an organization
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills (writing sample required)
  • Ability to relocate to Pittsburgh, PA

Compensation: $200/week living stipend, $500/month rent stipend, $100/month bus pass stipend, extensive training, Americorps Education Award, $250 fund to attend conferences and events, funds to obtain your LEED Green Associate accreditation, healthcare insurance, workers compensation, relocation support. Note: Stipends and allowances are subject to state, local and federal taxes.

Questions can be sent to Emily, SCA Central Program Manager, at [email protected]. Please do not email host organizations. Thanks!


  • Nonprofit office in downtown Pittsburgh.
  • Extensive sustainability workshops with team of Sustainability Fellows, and opportunities to go to conferences and events.
Main Area of Focus
Education, Training & Skills Expected
degree minor or extensive experience
some coursework or experience
Customer Service
competent without supervision
Social Media
competent with supervision
Leadership Experience
competent with supervision
Community Engagement
competent without supervision
Public Speaking
competent without supervision
competent with supervision
Data Analysis
competent with supervision
Volunteer Coordination
competent without supervision