Stewardship Intern

Expected Dates
June 5, 2017 to October 27, 2017
Estes Valley Land Trust
Position ID
 Overview: When Estes Valley Land Trust accepts the donation of a conservation easement on a property, the organization is making a perpetual commitment to protect each property’s natural resources. The Stewardship Intern will ensure that all 164 conservation easements are monitored properly and help ensure that each conservation easement is enforced. Since EVLT is a small organization with few staff members, this position might be called upon to support and participate in a variety of additional activities to help promote the overall mission of the organization. 

 Position Objectives:
• To assure that the annual monitoring program for EVLT’s conservation easement properties is completed in a manner that is timely and comprehensive. This includes the training and oversight of approximately 100 volunteer monitors who accomplish many of the monitoring site visits.
• To develop and maintain baseline records that describe and document the basic parameters of each property as well as the conservation values of each property.
• To foster positive relationships with the landowners of the conserved properties in order to accomplish preservation through partnerships.
• To work with board Stewardship and Legal Committees to resolve issues related to easement stewardship.  

Position Summary: The Stewardship Technician works under the guidance of the Executive Director and cooperatively with members of the Board of Directors and its committees. The position’s primary duty is the implementation of stewardship programs that enable EVLT to accomplish its mission. Limited administrative support is available for this position.  

 Duties and Responsibilities: 

 The Stewardship Technician’s duties include the following: 
 Stewardship (65%)
• Maintain and upgrade easement project and stewardship files . 
• Responsible for supervising the activities of approximately 100 volunteer monitors who are assigned to complete the annual monitoring of conservation easements. This includes training, task assignments, technical support for digital data submissions (including form documents, photographs and gps data that have been collected on the site visits), quality assurance reviews, and identification of any cases that need followup actions. 
• Conduct site visits, as needed, and prepare baseline documentation for easement properties, including written reports, photographs and GIS maps that describe the properties and the conservation values they reflect.
• Responsible for maintaining easement database, entering data related to site visits, reserved rights, violations, and other data critical for stewardship practices.      
• Develop and maintain positive working relationships with easement landowners.

Community Outreach (15%)
• Work with committees and other staff to coordinate breakfasts, a 30th Anniversary event and a stewardship “weed round up” event. Participate in the execution of these events.
• Work with committees and other staff to provide communications (e.g., newsletter articles, website and social media inputs) for education and promotion of land conservation and stewardship within the community.

GIS Technology Infrastructure (15%)
• Develop and maintain digital map layers and attributes for EVLT conservation easements. Provide copies of those data with appropriate metadata to interested partners and associates.
• Acquire, maintain and update digital map data from external sources (e.g., County Assessor, State Department of Wildlife, and Town of Estes Park).
• Maintain an organized data catalogue of GIS data.  
• Develop and implement training regimens for others on how to conduct GPS and iPad data collection in the field.
• Generate production-quality maps for easement documentation and internal uses as well as publicity purposes.

Other duties as needed (5%)
• Support and participate in a variety of additional activities to help promote the overall mission of the organization.  The percentage allocation of work tasks may based on organizational needs. 


Ideally, the selected candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology, Geography, Environmental Science or similar field of study with coursework in GIS. • Students working towards a Bachelor’s degree in an applicable discipline also qualify, as long as they have coursework in GIS. Demonstrated reliability, with ability to work as part of a team as well as independently.  Ability to self-start, multi-task, manage time, set priorities, and make strategic decisions. Ability to work well with a wide range of people, including EVLT staff and Board members, volunteers, and landowners.  Ability to be tactful and diplomatic. Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. Quick learner with good powers of observation.  Expertise in identification and management of natural resources. Good reading comprehension and detail-oriented. Good organizational skills and thorough. Ability and willingness to maintain meticulous paper files and records. Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Access, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook). Proficiency with relevant GIS skills (ArcGIS 10.X preferred) to accomplish data management and mapping needs, including GPS data collection and iPad location services apps (GIS Pro preferred). Familiarity with standard data management including property records, digital photography and image processing. Must be physically fit and be able to negotiate varied and possibly difficult. Must have a valid driver’s license and have daily access to a car throughout the internship. 
  • Estes Park, a small mountain community, is located at 7,522 feet of elevation. The Town is a popular tourist destination in the summer and fall and more than 4 million visitors pass through the Town each year on their way to Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • - communication with members and volunteers
    - technology (our GIS and Access database)
    - non-profit management
    - teamwork (wearing many hats)
    - land acquisition
    - fund raising
    - event planning
  • Education:
    - interacting with staff and Board members
    - interacting with National Park Service employees
    - learning from our 100-member volunteer monitors
    - on the job hiking
    - after hours hiking, climbing, biking, fishing, and camping
  • Yes
Main Area of Focus
Geographic Info Systems (GIS, includes GPS)
Education, Training & Skills Expected
degree major or professional experience
some coursework or experience
Earth Sciences
some coursework or experience
Resource Management
some coursework or experience
Customer Service
competent with supervision
Data Entry
competent with supervision
competent without supervision
competent without supervision
Volunteer Coordination
competent with supervision