Shorebird and Wildlife Assistant

Expected Dates
April 12, 2021 to October 10, 2021
Position ID
 BiodiversityWorks seeks a career-focused conservation professional to assist our staff with beach-nesting bird conservation as well as monitoring and research projects on a variety of wildlife species. The work will be 75% beach-nesting bird monitoring and protection and 25% assisting with other projects.  Responsibilities include: (1) locating, monitoring, and protecting nesting pairs of piping plovers, least terns, American oystercatchers, and black skimmers at ~20 sites, (2) collecting detailed biological data on all nesting pairs using your smartphone, (3) assisting with box trapping and lethal removal of skunks and/or crows at select sites with high levels of plover nest/egg predation, (4) assist with resights of banded black skimmers (5) public outreach and engagement, (6) assisting with Northern long-eared bat capture at active maternity roost sites and in forest habitat in spring and summer using mist-nets, (7) Bat acoustic monitoring across the island in spring and summer (8) radio-tracking spotted turtles, (9) Assessing spotted turtle populations through live-trapping at select sites, (10) recording data in field notebook and electronic databases, (11) creating GIS/Google Earth maps from GPS data, (12) maintaining communication with supervisors, (13) participating in weekly meetings and naturalist training program, (14) participating in our annual summer donor gathering (15) compiling and assisting with data compilation and summary reports, (16) assisting with communications for BWorks and other duties as required.

The intern filling this position MUST enroll in the AmeriCorps Education Award program. 

*All allowances are subject to state, local and federal taxes.*
  • The beaches, forests, and wetlands across the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
  • Applicants will be trained by qualified staff in all techniques used to monitor and protect the wildlife species we study.
  • Mentoring is part of our mission, so our staff focus on the interests of interns to help them with their careers. We also introduce them to other scientists or professionals with expertise. The island has many trails and open space for recreation.
  • Yes
Main Area of Focus
Wildlife Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
degree major or professional experience
Bird Identification
some experience
Data Entry
competent with supervision
Field Research
competent without supervision
Social Media
some experience
Community Engagement
some experience