SCA GulfCorps South Texas Team

Expected Dates
September 6, 2021 to February 6, 2022
The Nature Conservancy - Gulf of Mexico
Position ID
Join a team of 6 local young adults to conduct invasive species removal, shoreline restoration, water quality monitoring, trail work, and other activities. Team members will receive certifications and opportunities for future leadership and career opportunities in coastal habitat restoration.

Dates: September 6th 2021- February 6th,2022.
Pay: Members $10 hr x40 hrs per week + Americorps award of $2,360.00 ( Uppon successful enromment in Americorps)

This is a paid position with weekday hours (Mon-Thurs, 8A - 5P and Fri 8A - 230P). Food and housing are not included. Work will mostly be outdoors and will sometimes require heavy lifting and using equipment such as chainsaws. Team members will work under two team leaders that will serve as SCA’s supervisors. All team members are expected to be respectful, on-time, hard working, and aware of conditions to ensure a safe working environment.

Preference will be given to local applicants that are interested in pursuing an environmental career.  

    Main Area of Focus
    Natural Resources Mgmt
    Education, Training & Skills Expected
    Ecology & Restoration
    some coursework or experience
    Resource Management
    some coursework or experience
    some experience
    some experience
    Chain Saw Skills
    some experience
    some experience
    some experience
    Hand Tools
    competent with supervision
    Plant Identification
    competent with supervision
    Data Analysis
    some experience