Regional Environmental Educator

Expected Dates
January 13, 2022 to November 10, 2022
Clay Pit Ponds State Park Preserve
Position ID
This position requires that you become enrolled in AmeriCorps.  If you are selected for this program please be sure to accept AmeriCorps during the SCA offer process.  No travel allowance will be offered for this position even if it is stated on your confirmation of acceptance.

Due to Covid-19, events and trainings are subject to change in response to an increase in the number of cases in the Hudson Valley region. Specific duties aligned with this position may also be subject to change. Such changes include, but are not limited to: trainings being eliminated or held remotely, elimination of large-scale gatherings, reduction of education programs, and a transition to teleworking.  

SCA Hudson Valley AmeriCorps partners with State and non-profit agencies to address the conservation needs of the Hudson River Watershed region. Corps members are placed at individual host sites, where service activities range from providing environmental education to underserved youth, to restoring streambanks along the Hudson River, and beyond. Members join together regularly for trainings, service projects, or other events.

Purpose of the Program:
The mission of the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation is to provide safe and enjoyable recreational and interpretive opportunities for all New York State residents and visitors and to be responsible stewards of our valuable natural, historic and cultural resources. 

Community Needs that the Program Serves:
Because of the density of development, the New York City region has limited access to open space and natural resource areas. There is an increasing interest in accessing such resources by the general public and local schools. NYC public schools are under increasing pressure to enhance science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programming. With Covid-19 closures of many indoor public spaces, people have flocked to Parks. New patrons to our Parks increasingly need accessible educational resources that promote stewardship and safe recreation practices.

Values and Standards of the Program:
SCA’s mission is to build the next generation of conservation leaders and inspire lifelong stewardship of the environment and communities by engaging young people in hands-on service to the land.  

AmeriCorps Member Duties and Responsibilities:


1.    Assisting environmental educators in planning, setting up, teaching, and evaluating in-person programs and workshops.

2. Planning and designing environmental education content that motivates, inspires, and informs across a wide variety of digital platforms using a variety of media.

3.    Assisting with the development and transportation of program materials.  Keeping materials organized and catalogued to maintain inventory. 

4.    Conducting research and performing field work to support environmental education programs, including participation in community science and stewardship projects.

5.    Engaging in outreach to the public.  Helping to design and distribute marketing materials.

6.    Assisting with general upkeep of facilities, including but not limited to: designing and creating new exhibits and handling live animals.

7. Spending at least one workday each month with the region’s Stewardship Team removing invasive species from Parks and conducting research.

8. Other duties as assigned by management based on the operational needs of regional parks and facilities.

How the AmeriCorps Member’s Role Aligns with the Organization:
The AmeriCorps members will conduct stewardship initiatives and educate the public about how to be better stewards of their environment. Members will also encourage passive recreation in the Parks by conducting outreach and providing information at the Nature Interpretive Center. 

Performance Goals for the AmeriCorps Member:

Goal 1: Write, prepare, conduct, and evaluate at least one new program or event for at least one of our regional parks.

Goal 2: Create at least one exhibit for our Park House classroom at Marsha P. Johnson State Park and/or our gallery window at Gantry Plaza State Park

Goal 3: Design, plan, and implement one lasting impact project at a State Park of your choice in the NYC Region.

Candidate Qualifications:

  • Member MUST enjoy working with children
  • Member MUST be able to work independently and self-inspire
  • Member MUST be willing to work a varied schedule
  • Member MUST be willing to regularly spend up to 3 hours traveling in a day between sites
  • Member MUST be willing to work outdoors year-round and in all weather conditions
  • Member MUST be willing to handle live animals
  • Member MUST be willing to live in provided housing at Clay Pit Ponds State Park Preserve
  • Member MUST have a valid driver’s license and be comfortable with operating the state vehicles



  • Member should be adaptable to creating virtual or in-person programming
  • Member must be willing and able to speak publicly to audiences of all ages, from infants to adults




  • A creative background in art, design, graphic arts, marketing, etc. is very helpful in this position
  • Knowledge of local species and ecology; knowledge of environmental issues

All Hudson Valley Corps members receive a taxable $200/week living allowance
Upon successful completion of the term, members receive a taxable Full-time Segal Education Award through AmeriCorps.
Student loan forbearance and interest repayments for federal student loan through AmeriCorps.
Eligible for free health insurance
Eligible for childcare assistance through AmeriCorps

Training Opportunities:
All Hudson Valley Corps members receive Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Hudson River Citizen Science curricula, Trail Skills, Project WILD curricula, and professional development. Optional trainings include Leave No Trace, American Canoe Association Quick Start Your Canoe, and other opportunities that arise.


  • No
Main Area of Focus
Education and Interpretation
Education, Training & Skills Expected
some coursework or experience
some coursework or experience
Earth Sciences
some coursework or experience
some coursework or experience
Community Engagement
competent with supervision
Public Speaking
competent with supervision
Volunteer Coordination
some experience
Working with Children
competent without supervision