Refuge Maintenance Internship

Expected Dates
September 12, 2022 to August 4, 2023
Harrison Lake National Fish Hatchery
Position ID

This is a critical position for Harrison Lake National Fish Hatchery, this position will maintain and help manage our 444 acres of land and our 100 acre lake allowing enhanced recreation opportunities to visitors. Daily work will be managed and supervised by a skilled maintenance mechanic which include: grounds maintenance such as mowing, weed eating, learning equipment, managing wild areas for visitor enjoyment and staff areas for safety, trail maintenance, pond maintenance, and learning carpentry skills while updating aged infrastructure at the hatchery. Additional opportunities for heavy equipment, fish and mussel collection, boat operation, and vehicle operation may also be available. The selected intern will split their time in roughly the following percentages:

  • Grounds 40%
  • Carpentry 35%
  • Trail maintenance 15%
  • Training 10%

Compensation Details: 

  • One-time travel allowance: $1,100 (personal vehicle is required)
  • Weekly living allowance: $500 / week (pre-tax)
  • Housing is included by the host partner.
  • Eligible for an AmeriCorps education award valued at $6,495 upon successful completion of position. 

Beginning on 1/18/22, all new SCA volunteer program participants are required to provide proof of up to date vaccination against COVID-19. Per CDC guidance, up to date vaccination now includes all recommended COVID-19 vaccines, including any booster dose(s) when indicated. For example, if someone has completed the primary series but is not yet indicated for a booster shot, they are considered up to date. Once a person is indicated for a booster (6 months after Pfizer or Moderna primary series, 2 months after J&J primary series), full and up-to-date vaccination includes the completed booster shot. Visit the following website for more information:

  • Harrison Lake National FIsh Hatchery is located 22 miles SE of Richmond, VA. The hatchery encompasses 444 acres of land and the 90 acre harrison lake.
  • Boating safety, all aspects of maintenance and equipment training. Freshwater mussel and fish identification and collection.
  • Member will be exposed to a skilled maintenance worker and will learn and develop important trade knowledge. The hatchery is a fully functional fish and mussel hatchery so the member will be exposed to all ongoings at the facility.
  • Yes
Main Area of Focus
Natural Resources Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
some coursework or experience
some coursework or experience
Earth Sciences
some coursework or experience
Recreation Management
some coursework or experience
Resource Management
some coursework or experience
competent without supervision
Chain Saw Skills
some experience
Hand Tools
competent without supervision
Trail Maintenance
competent without supervision
All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
competent with supervision