Rare Species Survey Intern (Fall)

Expected Dates
August 15, 2022 to December 4, 2022
Naval Air Station Patuxent River
Position ID
Spend your summer and fall in Maryland, playing a vital role at Naval Air Station Patuxent River as a Rare Species Survey Intern. You would perform crucial tasks in support of our mission such as:
  • Conduct and coordinate volunteers for Diamondback Terrapin surveys and nest monitoring, 40%;
  • Monitor tagged Spotted Turtles (via radio telemetry), 20%
  • Survey groundwater seeps for listed plant species, 15%;
  • Assist with bat acoustical surveys, 10%;
  • Conduct Bald Eagle nest surveys, 5%;
  • Conduct submerged aquatic vegetation surveys, 5%;
  • Assist with environmental education outreach, 5%.

EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES: Training for all projects will be provided in-house.  Emergent educational opportunities would be granted as appropriate to the position and as internship workload allows.

Local candidates preferred due to lack of housing; however, non-local candidates will be considered if they can find their own housing.  A housing allowance is provided.


  • One time travel allowance: $650
  • Weekly living allowance: $175
  • Weekly commuting allowance: $40
  • Monthly housing allowance: $525
  • Eligible for a 450 hour AmeriCorps education award worth $1,538
  • Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Webster Outlying Field and Naval Rec Center Solomons, MD
  • In-house training in wildlife identification and survey techniques; opportunity for access to no-cost natural resources training as it becomes available and does not conflict with field schedule.
  • Emergent educational opportunities may be made available dependent on internship workload and project applicability.
  • No
Main Area of Focus
Wildlife Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
some coursework or experience
some experience
Data Entry
some experience
some experience
Plant Identification
some experience
Volunteer Coordination
some experience