NY Excelsior Conservation Corps Team (Vets Encouraged to apply - APPLICATION FEE WAIVED)

Expected Dates
February 25, 2019 to December 13, 2019
SCA Excelsior Corps
Position ID
This position requires that you become enrolled in AmeriCorps.  If you are selected for this program, please be sure to accept AmeriCorps during the SCA offer process.  No travel allowance will be offered for this position even if it is stated on your confirmation of acceptance.

Created in 2015 as a Governor’s Initiative, the Excelsior Conservation Corps (ECC) is a ten-month residential AmeriCorps program that partners with the NYS Commission on National and Community Services, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (NYS OPRHP), and the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation (NYSEFC). 
The ECC works on environmental stewardship projects on NYS DEC and NYS OPRHP public lands that result in the protection of natural resources, thus helping to sustain these resources over the long term for the benefit of the New York State community. Based on the needs identified by partners, SCA Excelsior members will serve NY State’s public lands by carrying out such responsibilities as, trail construction and maintenance, invasive species management, campground rehabilitation, historic preservation and restoration, sustainability projects, GIS mapping, culvert assessments, and environmental education and outreach.  In addition to these important duties, the SCA Excelsior Corps places a special emphasis on furthering member education and career development.  The program will provide an array of trainings to help members to develop leadership skills, general job skills and specific marketable skills that are designed to lead towards a future in conservation or related field.

*Applicants to the Excelsior Corps position can waive the SCA $25 application fee.  Once you started your application contact [email protected]

*Full immunization record required for this position

  • Members will travel to sites across the state to complete needed stewardship projects, lead large scale volunteer projects where camping accommodations will be provided. Corps members will live in a communal environment during their off days, and will camp with their crew while travelling throughout the state.
  • Training will be provided, including SCA’s Conservation Workskills, CPR and WFA, Community Outreach and Education, Leadership etc. Technical training may include carpentry, OSHA 10, rigging and chainsaw certification
  • All/Most members will be trained in disaster response and will be available for deployment in the event that a disaster occurs in the state of NY.
  • There will be a strong emphasis on professional development opportunities in the Excelsior Corps. Members will participate in extensive training prior to engaging in service activities.  All members will receive one week of program orientation,a one-week Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification course, one week of Work Skills training and one week of environmental education training. Members will be trained in disaster response and recovery and will be available for deployment within the state should a disaster occur. Group training will continue throughout the year with a focus on professional development and highly technical trainings will be provided to meet the needs of individual stewardship teams.  Members will engage in regular professional development workshops and will have time to work on personal and professional goals individually and an Excelsior staff member
  • Yes
Main Area of Focus
Natural Resources Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
some experience
some experience
Working with Children
some experience