MA Historic Preservation Corps

Expected Dates
February 14, 2022 to December 11, 2022
SCA MA Forests and Parks AmeriCorps
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2022 Historic Preservation in Public Lands
Corps Member Position Description

Are you looking for the opportunity to learn hands-on preservation skills while building your professional resume and serving in State and National Parks? The 2022 Historic Preservation Corps is a unique program based in Massachusetts that offers participants training and experience in several historic preservation and maintenance trades including carpentry, window restoration, historic trail-side structure restoration, masonry, landscaping, painting, and more! The National Parks of Boston, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, and the Student Conservation Association have partnered together to create an unforgettable 10-month experience for young adults, age 18 - 27, in the Greater Boston area.

AmeriCorps Eligibility Requirements:
  • US Citizen, National, Lawful Permanent Resident, and persons legally residing in a state
  • Must be able to pass a national service criminal history check
  • Must be 18 years or older

Program Description:
The MA Historic Preservation Corps is a 10-month program that runs February 14 through December 16, 2022. The program’s home base is located in Braintree, MA and project sites are scattered throughout the Greater Boston area and across the commonwealth. Training and projects aim to address historic preservation and maintenance needs on Public Lands in Massachusetts. This position is primarily hands-on and projects are often labor intensive. Before applying, applicants are encouraged to reflect on the concept of Service. This is an AmeriCorps position - not a typical job - and requires a commitment to not only serving at public lands and historic sites but also committing to a team and the community experience. Members of the Historic Preservation Corps should expect to meet regularly, reflect on their service, and contribute to the team-building process.

Project type breakdown:

Training Carpentry Window Restoration Masonry Backcountry Painting/
15% 15% 30% 15% 5% 10% 10%

Corps members serve Monday – Friday, typically 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM. The daily schedule can change depending on the project location. Members can expect to serve 42-45 hours weekly with federal holidays off. This is a 1700-hour AmeriCorps position and corps members must reach that target in order to successfully complete the program. Members serve daily in small crews of four at the program’s Shop, the Boston Harbor Islands, the Charlestown Navy Yard or project sites in central or Western Massachusetts. Some projects will require camping and members should expect to camp for at least two consecutive nights at some point during the program.

Member health and safety are a priority for this program. As long as Covid-19 is a threat, members are expected to do their part to keep their team safe, this includes being mindful of current regulations, regular cleaning and disinfection of tools and equipment, and regular health check ins with staff.

Program Benefits

  • $520 Weekly living allowance, before taxes
  • $6395 Segal Education Award at the end of completed service term
  • SNAP eligibility up to $192 per month plus various discounts available to EBT card holders
  • Health insurance and Childcare assistance available
  • Professional Certifications including OSHA 10, Wilderness First Aid, Lead Safe Renovator
  • Preservation training in carpentry, masonry, landscaping, trailside structure restoration, and more!
  • The opportunity to serve in State and National Parks in Boston and throughout Massachusetts

Training Opportunities:

  • OSHA 10 - General Industry
  • Lead Safe Renovator
  • Wilderness First Aid & CPR
  • Foundations of Historic Preservation (theory and documentation)
  • Masonry & Repointing
  • Carpentry & Shop basics
  • Window Restoration
  • National Interpretation Association - Certified Interpretive Host
  • Chainsaw Safety Training Levels 1 & 2
  • Leadership, resume building, and other professional development opportunities

Essential Functions and Position Requirements:

  • Ability to commute to specified locations in Boston daily 
  • Ability to serve with others on a team 
  • Interest in historic preservation and building skills in preservation maintenance; including carpentry, painting, masonry, window restoration, and other preservation maintenance tasks
  • Must be willing to learn how to use hand tools and power tools to complete projects 
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs. & walk/hike 2 miles 
  • Must be able to serve in diverse situations and various outdoor environments 
  • Willingness to camp for 2 – 5 consecutive nights for some projects 
  • All participants must commit to following all program and state mandated Covid-19 safety guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to, wearing a mask for all service and group activities, taking extra time to sanitize tools and equipment, and notifying supervisors when a member is not feeling well.

Potential candidates must be able to fulfill the above requirements in order to be considered for this position. In addition, it is recommended that applicants have a strong interest in history, preservation, preservation trades, archaeology, museum studies, or related fields. Experience or education in any of these fields is not required to be considered!
Local Greater Boston residents are encouraged to apply. Current residency in Greater Boston is not required and national applicants are encouraged to research the cost of living in the Greater Boston area before making the decision to join the Corps. Staff and Program Partners will make every effort to create an inclusive and equitable program experience for all corps members; this includes support in finding resources for housing, food assistance, and commuting resources when available.
Upon request, reasonable accommodations will be provided to applicants during the selection process and to members during service.
SCA strives to cultivate a work environment that encourages fairness, teamwork, and respect among all staff members. The organization and this program are firmly committed to maintaining a service atmosphere in which people of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles may grow personally and professionally.
Please reach out to Nina at [email protected] if you have any questions about the position or application process!


  • Various
  • OSHA 10 - General Industry
    Lead Safe Renovator
    Wilderness First Aid & CPR
    Foundations of Historic Preservation (theory and documentation)
    Masonry & Repointing
    Carpentry & Shop basics
    Window Restoration
  • Life After Americorps, Independent Projects, Building a USA Jobs Resume

  • Other
  • Shop tools, power tools
  • No
Main Area of Focus
Cultural/Historical Resource Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
Resource Management
some coursework or experience
some coursework or experience
some experience
some experience
Hand Tools
some experience
Leadership Experience
some experience