Information Technology Technician

Expected Dates
January 3, 2021 to April 3, 2021
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Position ID
The purpose of this position will be to assist Information Technology staff with routine office and field work, supporting the technology needs of the park.

The intern will be involved in the following:

- Duties designed to orient the intern in the application of enterprise hardware, software and mobile technology solutions. The intern receives on-the-job instruction and training designed to familiarize them with the functions and structure of the park and the NPS, as well as provide experience in the practical application IT solutions.  

- Duties that are designed to orient them to National Park Service programs. These assignments are designed to provide experience in the application of principles, procedures, and work techniques to actual operating situations.

- Accompanying and observing staff and/or supervisors in meetings, on-site inspections, field reviews, presentations, lectures, etc.

- Carry out routine assignments in accordance with previous instructions, standard procedures, or written directions. Work is reviewed in progress and upon completion for technical accuracy, appearance, and conformance to instructions.

Through this position, the intern will further support park staff in accomplishing the Park and NPS’ missions and goals. 

Compensation Details:
  • One-time travel allowance $650 (personal vehicle is strongly recommended)
  • Weekly living allowance $165 / week
  • Housing is included in internship
  • The service location includes various facilities throughout Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s TN and NC locations, with the majority of work taking place at the park headquarters.
  • Great Smoky Mountains will provide interns with the opportunity to understand how IT relates to and supports the National Park Service Mission as well as the mission of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • The intern will learn about aspects of park level IT operations. The intern will also have access to available training opportunities provided by the park. The intern will be exposed to office and field work. The park offers many recreational activities.
Main Area of Focus
Visitor Services and Site Operations
Education, Training & Skills Expected
Computer Science
competent with supervision
Leadership Experience
competent without supervision
Volunteer Coordination
competent without supervision