HPP Natural Resources & Historic Structures Internship

Expected Dates
February 18, 2019 to April 29, 2019
Independence National Historical Park
Position ID
The incumbent will work closely with the Park’s wood and masonry shops in the planning and execution of historic preservation projects throughout the park. The incumbent will work with journeyman level mechanics and independently apply knowledge of a variety of trades (carpentry, fine woodworking, masonry, roofing, etc.) to perform repairs, preventive maintenance, and minor construction of historic buildings, and structures.  The incumbent is expected to properly use and maintain tools and equipment, understand and interpret instructions and specifications, including blueprints, and shop drawings, and may operate scissor lifts, high reach, or work from scaffolding.  Is expected to follow all safety regulations and practices and utilize proper personal protective equipment.  Incumbent will be expected to work in a team environment with other maintenance staff and crews sharing their preservation knowledge and experience in a collaborative setting to plan and complete work. 

The incumbent will experience a broad range of projects and duties including but not limited to; carpentry and masonry preservation work throughout the park.    Work assignments may include repair and preservation maintenance on interior and exterior historic fabric and features such as windows, doors, cornices, porches, and roofing, steps, walkways, and walls.  Desired outcomes include preservation and rehabilitation of historic fabric throughout Independence National Historic Park which includes Independence Hall, First and Second Banks of the U.S., Merchant Exchange Building, Congress Hall, and Old City Hall, among others.  Independence National Historic Park also oversees the operation and maintenance of Edgar Alan Poe N.H.S; Thaddeus Kosciuszko N.M., and Gloria Dei (old swedes) N.H.S..

The incumbent will be assigned to the Buildings Section of the Park’s Buildings and Utilities Department and will work under the direct supervision of the Park’s Buildings Supervisor and/or Woodcrafter Leader. Training opportunities may include first aid/CPR, construction and workplace safety, OSHA lift safety, National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and Section 106 training.  The incumbent will also have opportunities to engage with other park divisions and work groups through regular meetings and projects.  The incumbent may also participate in preservation planning and project development with the Park’s Historic Architect.  Additionally, Independence frequently hosts volunteer groups and organizations from the local community completing volunteer service projects. Interns may have the opportunity to participate in coordination and leadership of these volunteer groups including public outreach and engagement with local community members and donor groups. 

Benefits Include:
-$200 a week living allowance
-$650 travel allowance
-$5815 AmeriCorp Education Award Eligible
-Health Insurance
-Housing provided

Due to funding, selected candidates must enroll in SCA’s AmeriCorps program.  

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  • Independence N.H.P.. is located in Philadelphia PA, the nation’s 6th largest city.
  • Various Safety related training courses - lead, fall protection, etc.; General DoI/NPS Courses; OJT; Section 106 Compliance; etc..
  • The incumbent will be able to enjoy various historical sites, art museums, major and minor league sports, concert venues, theaters, and other locations of interest throughout the city. The Park is also a hour’s train ride or drive to NJ Beaches and NYC.
Main Area of Focus
Cultural/Historical Resource Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
competent with supervision
Customer Service
competent with supervision
Data Entry
competent with supervision
Field Research
competent with supervision
Hand Tools
competent with supervision
Community Engagement
competent with supervision