Gopher Tortoise Biological Monitoring Intern

Expected Dates
January 2, 2023 to September 24, 2023
Naval Air Station Whiting Field
Position ID
The Navy requires a single SCA Intern to assist Navy Natural Resource Managers (NRMs) with Gopher Tortoise field surveys and habitat management. Specific duties entail:
  •  Assisting the NRM utilizing approved survey methodology, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and Geographic Information Software (GIS) with field surveys and collection of spatial and temporal distribution data of Threatened and Endangered Species to include: gopher tortoises, reticulated flatwoods salamander, and other commensal species.
  • Assisting with management of vegetation in approximately 800-acres of pitcher-plant, longleaf pine, and other threatended and endangered species habitats.
  •  Assisting with the maintenance and establishment of approximately 6-miles of firebreaks
  • Assisting with approximately 2-miles of recreational trail maintenance.

Living Allowance: $250.00 per week
Relocation Travel: $1,100.00 one-time
Commuter allowance: $50.00 per week
Housing Allowance: $1,000.00 per month
Duty-related travel/expenses: Up to $200 (reimburseble)
Not AmeriCorps Eligible.

Conditions of Employment
Required to demonstrate full vaccination status for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) with a food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized or FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine.

  • NAS Whiting Field and its Outlying Landing Fields (OLFs) across the Panhandle of Florida and southwestern Alabama.
  • Training will be offered in the following areas GPS/GIS, Prescribed Fire and Natural Resource Equipment
  • Hiking, biking, boating, swimming
  • Yes
Main Area of Focus
Natural Resources Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
degree major or professional experience
some coursework or experience
Resource Management
some coursework or experience
some experience
Hand Tools
some experience
Plant Identification
some experience
Trail Maintenance
some experience