GIS/GPS Technician

Expected Dates
January 22, 2018 to November 16, 2018
New York State Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation
Position ID
SCA Hudson Valley AmeriCorps partners with State and non-profit agencies to address the conservation needs of the Hudson River Watershed region. Corps members are placed at individual host sites, where service activities range from providing environmental education to underserved youth, to restoring streambanks along the Hudson River, and beyond. Members join together regularly for trainings, service projects, or other events. 

Purpose of the Program:
Collect GPS data on critical State Park assets – which include but are not limited to: Trails, Infrastructure, Utilities and Amenities.
The NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) is seeking a qualified candidate to conduct Global Positioning System (GPS) fieldwork.  This individual will be responsible for coordinating and collecting data relating to trails, infrastructure and utilities within state parks.  Once data has been collected, the individual will create maps of the trail system within the state park using geographic information systems (GIS).  Other maps will be generated as needed.  Utility data will be incorporated in to statewide utility database.
The position is located in Albany, NY at the 625 Broadway in the GIS Bureau.  Extensive travel all over the state will be required.
Under supervision of GIS Bureau staff, conduct fieldwork relating to trails, infrastructure or utilities.  Complete an inventory of trails, infrastructure, or utilities within a state park by collecting data with GPS.
This position will involve coordinating fieldwork with the individual parks.  The SCA member will conduct the fieldwork under the supervision of a GIS Bureau staff person.  Travel will be required.  Specialized training in the software and hardware that the GIS Bureau uses is helpful but not necessary.  Experience with GPS and GIS concepts is necessary.  Experience with programming languages, especially Python, is highly desired.
Necessary Training or Training Plan to be implemented prior to Member Placement:
It is useful for the member to have training and experience in using ESRI’s ArcGIS software and Trimble’s GeoXT GPS units along with Pathfinder Office.  Specialized training in State Park’s methodology’s of data collection and cartography will be provided on the job.
Member Impact:
The SCA member will be directly responsible for collecting all data associated with a state park, the trail system, infrastructure, and/or utilities.  From this data, they will produce a map that will be posted to the Agency’s web page or incorporated data in to statewide database.  These maps are used extensively by park staff and patrons.  The member will also be responsible for coordinating with park staff to make sure their mapping needs are met.
Essential Functions of Position:
85% - at least 85% of the member’s time will involve performing tasks related to trail, infrastructure, or utility data collection.  This breaks down as follows:
10% - coordination and pre-data collection work (coordinate with park staff, evaluate and identify park data needs, establish project schedule to collect and analyze data)
35% conduct field work using GPS units
40% - post process data, incorporate into statewide database and produce required maps.  Perform GIS analysis as needed.
Remaining 15% is Hudson Valley Corps related work.
Performance Goals for the AmeriCorps Member:
            Goal 1:  Collect high quality trail, infrastructure and utility GPS data
            Goal 2:  Integrate collected data in to statewide GIS database
            Goal 3: Produce high quality maps when asked for publication, inclusion in reports, as necessary.
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  • Experience with Trimble GPS units, such as the Geo XT and Pathfinder Office software desirable.
  • Experience with ESRI GIS software, such as Arc Map and Arc Info, also desirable.
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • BS or BA in natural resources, planning, forestry, environmental science, geography or GIS
  • Able to work outdoors in a variety of conditions, good communication skills both written and orally, organized, able to document work well, able to work independently and in a team.
  • ESRI’s ArcGIS suite of software, including ArcMap is desirable.  Familiarity with Trimble GPS Units and associated software is helpful.
  • Training: On the job training provided in GIS Bureau’s GPS data collection and cartographic templates.


  • All Hudson Valley Corps members receive a taxable $200/week living allowance and EITHER housing provided OR a taxable $550/month housing allowance for positions north of NYC metro area OR $750/month housing allowance for positions in NYC metro area.
  • Upon successful completion of the term, members receive a taxable Segal Education Award through AmeriCorps.
  • Student loan forbearance and interest repayments for federal student loan through AmeriCorps.
  • Eligible for free health insurance
  • Eligible for childcare assistance through AmeriCorps

Training Opportunities:
All Hudson Valley Corps members receive Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Hudson River Citizen Science curricula, Trail Skills, Project WET, Project WILD and Project Learning Tree curricula, and professional development. Optional trainings include Leave No Trace, American Canoe Association Level 1, and other opportunities that arise. 

  • No
Main Area of Focus
Geographic Info Systems (GIS, includes GPS)
Education, Training & Skills Expected
some coursework or experience
Recreation Management
some coursework or experience
Resource Management
some coursework or experience
competent with supervision
some experience
Data Analysis
some experience
Orienteering compass skills
some experience