Forestry Tech (Fire) 1

Expected Dates
January 9, 2017 to April 23, 2017
Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge
Position ID
The Forestry Tech’s major duties will include:
  • Prescribed fire preparation – construct firelines with hand tools, fall trees that threaten the fireline (S212 required for sawyers) or assist FWS sawyer by swamping down trees, operate ATV/UTV (USFWS training required prior to operation).
  • Prescribed fire implementation – serve as Firefighter Type 2 with FWS fire crew to ignite and hold prescribed fires.  Ignition may be either interior or exterior.  Holding will be by foot, ATV/UTV, or engine.  NOTE – firefighter type 2 certification is required.  This certification requires passing the arduous pack test, i.e. carrying a 45 pound pack three miles in 45 minutes or less. If you have this certification but it is expired, you are still eligible to apply and renew your certifications once you are on site.  Crew will participate in weekly physical fitness training to maintain fitness level throughout burn season. 
  • Assist with burn evaluations including weather and vegetation monitoring.
  • Assist with timber marking for habitat management.
  • Mapping invasive exotics with GPS.
  • Exotic plant control.  This includes herbicide application.  NOTE – the intern will not use restricted use herbicides, and they will work under a refuge employee’s certified applicator’s license.
  • Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge is located in the lower Georgia Piedmont. The 35,000 acre Refuge is actively managed to sustain pine-hardwood forests for the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker and associated native wildlife species. The refuge staff works as a team in a variety of programs including prescribed fire, forestry, wildlife monitoring, public use and maintenance. Staff also provides support for Bond Swamp NWR located 45 miles south of Piedmont.
  • USFWS ATV/UTV operation; defensive driving; operation of small equipment; GPS and mapping standards; herbicide application; timber marking; fire effects monitoring protocols; other on-the-job training.
  • Possible involvement in environmental ed. and outreach, many opportunities to explore
    historical, cultural, and other natural resource sites within a 60 mile radius of the refuge, many
    nearby points of interest.
  • No
Main Area of Focus
Natural Resources Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
some coursework or experience
some coursework or experience
Resource Management
some coursework or experience
Field Research
some experience
some experience
Hand Tools
some experience
All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
some experience
Orienteering compass skills
some experience