Environmental Compliance Intern

Expected Dates
October 17, 2021 to September 17, 2022
Lower Granite Project
Position ID
SCA Interns assigned to this position with the Army Corps of Engineers are tasked with field inspections of construction sites being returned to recreation and wildlife areas. Updating spill plans and spill kits for navigation lock. Updating SDS for natural resource and navigation activities. Environmental and Safety field inspections of out granted areas during summer out grant inspections.

Position Duties:
Maintains knowledge concerning current environmental protection-laws, regulations, policies, and determines their applicability to the operation and maintenance programs at the facility.  Assists Project ECC in compliance, interpretation, and application those laws, regulations, and policies to facility operation and maintenance activities.
Assists Project ECC with coordination with contractors and construction quality assurance (QA) personnel to ensure they meet all environmental and safety requirements.
Assists Project ECC with monitoring and maintenance records of work site compliance activities and personnel training as required by law, regulation, and policy.  
Assists Project ECC with development and presentation of training programs and courses, which result in compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements to other work site personnel.  Assists Project ECC with performance of the ECC’s duties of training coordinator and instructor for a wide variety of complex training topics.  Provides training that thoroughly and accurately covers all required aspects of environmental compliance topics.
Assists Project ECC with performance of studies, monitoring, testing, inspections, planning, budget formulation, record keeping, and other duties necessary for Project compliance with safety, occupational health, and environmental protection laws and regulations.
Assists Project ECC with development and review of contract specifications for the safety and environmental conditions at the Project.
Reviews contract documents, which are developed by others for compliance with safety occupational health and environmental protection requirements.  Reports review results or findings to the ECC.

Compensation amounts:
- $650 - one time RT travel allowance (paid on 1st payroll after position starts)
- $200 - weekly living allowance (paid bi-weekly)
- $1200- monthly housing allowance (11 months of housing)
- $50- weekly commuting allowance
- Optional monthly health care coverage (11 months)
- AmeriCorps eligible ($6,345 education award) at fulfillment of position requirements

*All allowances subject to applicable federal, state, and local taxes

  • This position is located at Lower Granite Lock and Dam located on the Snake River in Eastern Washington.
  • On the job training, onsite hazardous energy control program training, and training applicable for working on an industrial facility.
  • During non work hours: fishing, hiking, and camping are all in close proximity.
Main Area of Focus
Education, Training & Skills Expected
degree minor or extensive experience
Mathematics & Data Analysis
some coursework or experience
Ecology & Restoration
some coursework or experience
Data Entry
competent with supervision
Field Research
some experience
Public Speaking
competent with supervision