Education & Interpretation Intern

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September 17, 2018 to March 2, 2019
Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site
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Student Conservation Association Intern (Education/Interpretation Internship) Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, Division of Interpretation and Education. 
This internship within the Division of Preservation Education and Training focuses on:
• Facilitating site’s curriculum-based program “Good Neighbors” for 3rd and 4th grade students in the Brookline and Boston Public Schools
• Developing interpretive tours of Olmsted NHS resources including Historic Design Office and Landscape Design. 
• Works with Olmsted NHS staff on special public programming and events
• Develop a variety of both on-line and printed material using the NPS Content Management System (on-line) and Adobe Design Suites (printed materials)

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  • Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site is a 7.21 acre property located in Brookline, Massachusetts. The site’s mission is to preserve and interpret the legacy and significant resources associated with Frederick Law Olmsted, founder of American landscape architecture, and the premier landscape design firm he established in 1883 at his “Fairsted” property in Brookline, MA. Olmsted retired from practice in 1895, at which point his sons and successors perpetuated his design ideals, philosophy and legacy over the course of the next century. The Olmsted home and office were designated a National Historic Landmark in 1963 and became part of the National Park Service in 1979. Primary resources include the historic
    Olmsted House, Office, residential landscape, and archival collections containing approximately 1,000,000 original design records associated with more than 6000 projects.
    Olmsted National Historic Site manages an active research program that provides access to
    archival documentation for the study and rehabilitation of Olmsted-designed landscapes
    nationwide. In addition, the park offers programs and exhibits on the firm’s work and legacy;
    and engages young people in thinking and learning about the history and contemporary relevance of public parks through a growing menu of curriculum-based programs. Through this rich, multifaceted array of programs, the park promotes nderstanding of the creative process of landscape design; fosters appreciation of landscape’s influence on everyday life; and encourages public and private stewardship of our nation’s significant landscapes for the benefit of present and future generations.
  • Foundations of Interpretation, CPR/First Aid, Interpretive Talk, Landscape-based teaching and learning, career exploration through field experiences at area parks and partner sites, desktop publishing .
  • The site is located just outside of Boston, a community that offers a wealth of recreational and
    educational opportunities (museums, sports arenas, theatre, NPS sites, beaches, trails)
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Education and Interpretation
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