Developed Recreation Crew

Expected Dates
May 24, 2021 to September 26, 2021
Shoshone National Forest
Position ID
The front country intern will serve on America’s first national forest, the Shoshone National Forest. The forest is an integral part of the Greater Yellowstone Area which is centered in Yellowstone National Park. The Shoshone consists of 2.4 million acres of varied terrain ranging from sagebrush flats to rugged mountain peaks. Over half of the forest is designated wilderness. With Yellowstone National Park on its western border, the Shoshone encompasses an area from the Montana state line south to Lander, Wyoming, and includes portions of the Absaroka, Wind River, and Beartooth mountain ranges. The western boundary of the forest to south of Yellowstone is the crest of the Continental Divide. Elevations on the Shoshone range from 4,600 feet at the mouth of the spectacular Clarks Fork Canyon, to 13,804 feet on Gannett Peak, Wyoming’s highest point. Because of its location in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the landscape the Forest is set on, Shoshone employees have a hand in managing phenomenal natural, cultural, and recreational resources. The Shoshone is a National Forest where staff are able to see a herd of elk, a Grizzly with cubs, petroglyphs, bighorn sheep, cold mountain streams with Yellowstone cutthroat trout, and breath-taking views of tens of thousands of acres from 10,000 feet and consider it all within a day’s work.

There are five Ranger Districts on the Shoshone National Forest over two zones: the Clarks Fork, Wapiti and Greybull Ranger Districts are consolidated into the North Zone which is headquartered in Cody, Wyoming where the intern will be working.  The South Zone which has both the Wind River and Washakie Districts with offices located in both in Dubois and Lander, Wyoming.

The Clarks Fork Ranger District
The Clarks Fork Ranger District has 7 developed campgrounds, 1 recreation rental cabin, 13 developed trailheads, and multiple dispersed campsites that will be maintained throughout the summer. Students who work on the Clarks Fork Ranger District will be living at the Crandall Ranger Station located on the Chief Joseph Highway. Work will start from the ranger station and crews will work 8-10 hours days with 2-3 days off depending on the need. Working on weekends will be part of a regular schedule.

Wapiti Ranger District
The Wapiti Ranger District has 9 developed campgrounds, 3 picnic areas, and 11 trailheads that will be maintained throughout the summer.  Students who work on the Wapiti Ranger District will be living at the Wapiti Ranger Station or the South Fork Ranger Station. The workday will begin from the ranger stations or the Wapiti Ranger District office located in Cody.  Workdays will be 8-10-hour days with weekends being part of the regular work schedule.

Greybull District
The Greybull Ranger District has 3 developed campgrounds, 8 trailhead, and many dispersed camping opportunities. One student will be selected to work on the Greybull district in an OHV/Dispersed/Developed recreation technician. The student will be working as an individual in most scenarios and will have to be self-motivated. Opportunities to live on the Greybull District will be accessed based on the individual who is selected.

This position will be based in Cody WY.  The primary function of this position will be to serve as a developed recreation technician in campgrounds and trailheads on the North Zone. The Clarks Fork and Wapiti districts are a gateway to Yellowstone National Park which revives over 4 million tourists on an annual basis. Overflow from the park affects the Shoshone and we have a large influx of visitors from May – September, the large influx creates a huge workload that could not be done without the use of seasonal workers. Daily tasks for the intern will be cleaning fire rings, painting and repairing picnic tables, landscaping, interacting with the public about forest rules and regulations, working with hand tools, working with campground hosts, cleaning restrooms and general maintenance. The North Zone is home to some of the greatest concentrations of grizzly bears in the lower 48 states.  Sightings can be common in the campgrounds but conflict with Forest Service crews is very seldom. Crew members will be working with an experienced crew lead to ensure the interns safety. The Forest Service will provide appropriate orientation, bear safety training, driving, and bear spray training for all members of the crew.  The intern may also be asked to work on various other projects on the North Zone as time and projects permit. 

Workdays will begin from the assigned duty location, ether Wapiti Ranger Station on the North Fork or Crandall Ranger Station on the Clarks Fork.

There are endless options for recreation.  Cody hosts the Cody Night Rodeo during the summer, is home to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, has numerous restaurants, and the famous Cody Stampede and 4th of July Festival.  The surrounding mountains and wilderness provide exceptional opportunities for hiking, fly-fishing, horseback riding, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, and exploring all right out your back door, or within a short drive.
Compensation amounts:
- $1,100 - one time RT travel allowance
- $150 - weekly living allowance
- Housing on site provided
- AmeriCorps eligible ($2,360 education award)

*All allowances subject to applicable federal, state, and local taxes
  • North Zone of the Shoshone National Forest
  • Bear Safety and Orientation, First Aid/ CPR, Employee Orientation, Horsemanship, Packing, Backcountry camping, and On-the-job Leave no Trace camping, and trail maintenance training, and more as the season progresses.
  • Recreation opportunities abound in this area. Hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, horse back riding, rock climbing, etc. are all immediately accessible. Cody hosts the Cody Nite Rodeo, Buffalo Bill Musuem of the West, and many other opportunities.
  • No
Main Area of Focus
Recreation Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
some coursework or experience
Earth Sciences
some coursework or experience
Recreation Management
some coursework or experience
Resource Management
some coursework or experience
some experience
competent with supervision
Customer Service
competent with supervision
Hand Tools
competent with supervision
Community Engagement
some experience
Public Speaking
competent with supervision