DC Roving Team

Expected Dates
August 26, 2019 to December 13, 2019
Student Conservation Association
Position ID
The team will consist of five young adult members and 1 crew leader. The first four weeks of this team will be spend working in Greenbelt National Park. The crew be working to make improvement to the camp ground within the park. This will include installation of grills and building picnic tables. The crew will assist with other projects and maintenance as needed within the park. After the first four weeks the team will move to work in the National Capital Parks East, working in parks like Fort DuPont and Fort Staten. The crew will work along the 7-mile hiker/biker trail. They will install check steps, turnpikes, water bars, and other drainage structures including culverts, drainage dips, and rock steps.

Candidates must secure their own housing. 

Compensation: $14 / hour 
Schedule: Monday - Friday 8 am-4 pm
    Main Area of Focus
    Backcountry/Trail work
    Education, Training & Skills Expected
    Recreation Management
    some coursework or experience
    competent without supervision
    Hand Tools
    competent without supervision
    Leadership Experience
    competent without supervision
    Plant Identification
    some experience
    Trail Maintenance
    competent with supervision