Cultural Resources Conservation Intern

Expected Dates
August 29, 2022 to May 7, 2023
Big Bend National Park
Position ID

The project is focused on the preservation of cultural resources within Big Bend National Park (BIBE).  The SCA intern will work directly for the Cultural Resources Program Manager in completing cultural resource field surveys, working with external partners, and collaborating with volunteers to manage sensitive cultural resources.  

The resource management work involves conducting field documentation of archeological sites, completing NEPA/NHPA compliance and using photography and GPS mapping. 

The SCA intern will receive training in field surveys and obtain a broad experience in managing resources along the border.  The SCA intern will also assist the Cultural Resources Manager and Chief of Science and Resource Management in other related cultural resource management efforts, providing a broad learning experience.  This position will receive in field training to further prepare the individual for a career in the management of cultural resources.

Applicants for this position should possess an undergraduate degree in archaeology, anthropology, or related cultural resources degree and/or experience.   

Living Allowance:  $225.00 per week
Travel allowance: $1,100.00 one time

Conditions of Employment

Required to demonstrate full vaccination status for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) with a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized or FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Big Bend National Park is a 800,000 acre park established in 1944. Elevations in the park range from 1600 to 7,800 feet. The volunteer would live at Panther Junction in the north central portion of the park.
  • In field experience with cultural resource management. Maybe CPR and first aid.
  • Big Bend offers water recreational sports on the Rio Grande, hiking hundreds of miles of trails, bird watching, and other outdoor activities. Local communities provide additional experiences that are culturally tied to the border.
  • Yes
Main Area of Focus
Cultural/Historical Resource Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
Resource Management
some coursework or experience
some coursework or experience
competent with supervision
some experience
competent with supervision
some experience
Data Analysis
some experience