Carriage Road Maintenance Intern

Expected Dates
June 15, 2022 to September 6, 2022
Acadia National Park
Position ID
This position will work with Acadia National Park’s Arborist on the cultural landscape and historic vistas of the historic Carriage Road system. The position will also support the park’s Roads crews in maintaining these broken stone roads. The position will involve using hand and power tools to trim trees, cut branches from felled trees. It will also involve using rakes, shovels, and backpack blowers to clear branches, leaves, and debris from the Carriage Road system’s extensive ditch and back drain system.

Compensation amounts (pre-tax):
- $480 weekly Living Allowance
- $22 weekly Commuting Allowance
- $1,100 To/From site travel expense reimbursement (car required)
- AmeriCorps Education Award: $1,678 (based upon successful completion of this position).

It is SCA’s policy that all AmeriCorps-required background checks must return cleared results prior to the position’s start; this includes being fingerprinted for the FBI check. Otherwise, the AmeriCorps award will be removed or the position’s start date will be delayed due to non-compliance.

Conditions of Employment
Effective 1/18/2022, all new SCA volunteer program participants are required to be fully vaccinated. Full vaccination is defined as having received a booster shot six months after the Pfizer and Moderna primary series and two months after the Johnson & Johnson primary series.
  • AREA INFORMATION Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine, serves as the duty station. Acadia National Park is located 50 miles southeast of Bangor, Maine, and 240 miles northeast of Boston, Massachusetts. Acadia National Park protects a landscape of rare scenic beauty. Acadia’s mountains are the highest rocky headlands on the Atlantic shore of the United States, and the vistas from these mountaintops encompass forested woodlands, shimmering lakes, quiet marshes, bold rocky shores, and coastal islands. Surrounding the park on all sides, the ocean strongly influences the park’s character. Visitation exceeds two million visitors annually, with the highest visitation occurring in July and August.
  • Interns will be trained to use hand and power tools. They will understand the need to manage natural vegetation to maintain the health of the broken stone roads as well as the surrounding forest.
  • Interns will learn the maintenance needs of a heritage asset belonging to the federal government and methods for the preservation of public lands for future generations. Hiking, biking, nature viewing, swimming, and boating opportunities abound.
  • Yes
Main Area of Focus
Cultural/Historical Resource Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
some coursework or experience
Resource Management
some coursework or experience
some experience
Hand Tools
some experience
Trail Maintenance
some experience