Biologist Intern (Conservation Associate)

Expected Dates
September 23, 2019 to August 2, 2020
Aztec Ruins National Monument
Position ID
Aztec Ruins National Monument is currently recruiting a natural resource management intern for a 46-week appointment. The intern must be between the ages of 18 and 25.  The intern will work closely with the Natural Resources Program staff, as well as other park staff and volunteers, on a range of program initiatives in the biological sciences. At Aztec, the intern will work closely with the Natural Resources Division, and other staff and volunteers, on a range of program initiatives in the biological sciences. The intern will play an important stewardship role while learning about, and assisting in, the monitoring, assessment, and management of the park’s natural resources. [70% resource management] Concurrent with resource management activities, the intern will develop one or more public programs and present them in the field as part of Aztec’s interpretive operation; the SCA intern will also produce one interpretive site bulletin.[20% interpretation]

During the spring and fall, the intern will have the opportunity to visit local classrooms, teaching K-12 students about issues in natural and cultural resource stewardship and helping to forge greater youth connections with Aztec Ruins National Monument and other great public places. [10% outreach].

Though Aztec Ruins National Monument is known best for its outstanding and world-significant archaeological resources, the 320 acre park has a significant riparian vegetation zone, and several old farm fields in need of restoration. A Vegetation Management and Cultural Landscape Preservation Maintenance Plan has been recently implemented, and several restoration projects throughout the park are ongoing. Due to the recent implementation of restoration activities, there is ample opportunity to expand the benefits to park visitors about the park’s natural environment, and its natural history. At this time, the park provides little or no formal natural history programming and provides scant information about its natural resources in brochures or exhibits.
Aztec’s intern will have the benefit of learning about contemporary resource management issues in national parks, be given the opportunity to work along-side professional resource managers and interpreters, and spend the better part of a year getting to know and explore a great resource in the National Park system. 

Educational and Recreational Opportunities:
In addition to various formal training opportunities, you’ll learn about the natural history, ecology, and cultural legacy of Aztec and the Southwest. The intern may have the opportunity to visit sites outside Aztec, particularly Chaco Culture National Historical Park, and possibly other nearby national park units. The intern will learn about working for the federal government as a representative of the National Park Service; about the laws, regulations, and policies that guide us; and specific procedures and practices used in managing park resources. You’ll also learn how to effectively present complex resource issues to public audiences and to diverse student groups. You will have the opportunity to meet numerous natural and cultural resource experts; learn about Navajo and Pueblo Indian history and culture; and have access to NPS information resources. For those looking to broaden their horizons, a wealth of great places (cultural sites, parks and forests, mountains, rivers, wilderness, and a great diversity of local communities) can be visited within a day’s drive.

Compensation amounts:
  • $1,100 - one time RT travel allowance
  • $200 - weekly living allowance
  • $600 - monthly housing allowance (intern responsible for identifying own housing)
  • $550 - duty related travel fund
  • AmeriCorps eligible ($5,815 education award and health insurance if elected)

*All allowances subject to applicable federal, state, and local taxes

  • Aztec Ruins National Monument is located in the San Juan Basin along the Animas River in Aztec, New
    Mexico. Aztec is located in the northwestern corner of the state and has a population of approximately 8,500.  Weather is generally temperate, although extreme temperatures do occur at times. No
    government housing is available, and interns will need to have or find their own housing.  Retail service, professional and medical services, churches, hospitals, and educational facilities are available, including
    a multitude of recreational facilities. The cities of Durango, CO and Farmington, NM are within a 40
    minute commute.

    Aztec Ruins National Monument, bounded on the east by the Animas River, preserves an extensive community of multi-story structures, smaller residential buildings, roadways, ceremonial kivas, earthworks, and artifacts left by the 11th through 13th century ancestors of today’s Pueblo peoples of the

  • The intern will receive a general orientation to include an overview of the park, its resources, and standard operating procedures. You will receive safety training for a variety of circumstances that you might encounter while working at Aztec
  • see position description.
  • Yes
Main Area of Focus
Natural Resources Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
degree major or professional experience
Mathematics & Data Analysis
some coursework or experience
Ecology & Restoration
some coursework or experience
Resource Management
some coursework or experience
Data Entry
some experience
Field Research
competent with supervision
competent with supervision
Community Engagement
some experience
Public Speaking
some experience