Archaeological Intern

Expected Dates
June 19, 2017 to October 29, 2017
Tahoe National Forest
Position ID
Interns will work conducting archaeological inventory, site recording and documentation. Skills such as: GIS, GPS, compass use and map reading, MS Word, hiking, photography, site sketch maps, artifact sketches, a valid state drivers license  etc. are highly desirable.  Interns will be directly supervised by two archaeological technicians who have worked on the district the last several years and know the district and resources well.  The elevation of the work area ranges from 5400’ to 7000’ with many slopes over 15 degrees.  Interns will learn Forest Service values and how we stress a SAFE working environment. 

The Tahoe National Forest has a rich history of the gold rush, and Native American land use.  Within an hour drive of Foresthill is Coloma the California gold discovery site. Applicants should have camping experience and the ability to live in a remote setting for five months.  Applicants are encouraged to use the internet to research the Tahoe National Forest, Auburn and Foresthill California, French Meadows, and Granite Chief Wilderness. 
  • Interns will be camping out from 6/12/2017 to 10/27/2017 at French Meadows (FM), which is 45-50 miles from the town of Foresthill, Ca. There are no services at FM and cell reception is spotty at best. Weekly interns will drive into Foresthill to purchase food and doing laundry etc. There is no housing available at Foresthill, however this might change in October? We are in the process of procuring trailers, but tenting out is a possibility.
  • Interns will be trained to complete a site survey record, site mapping and photography. GPS training will also be offered. First Aid/CPR training will be provided. Driving back country roads, and navigating in conditions with minimal maps.
  • French Meadows Reservoir offers hiking, fishing, swimming, and boating opportunities. Interns interact with other Forest Service employees and gain an understanding what foresters, firefighters, wildlife biologists, recreation technicians do.
  • No
Main Area of Focus
Cultural/Historical Resource Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
Social Sciences
some coursework or experience
Resource Management
some coursework or experience
some coursework or experience
some experience
Field Research
some experience
some experience
Orienteering compass skills
some experience