2020 SCA California Leadership Corps

Expected Dates
October 5, 2020 to May 23, 2021
SCA Oakland Office
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The SCA California Leadership Corps is an eight month intensive leadership development program where members will gain experience leading a variety of conservation projects throughout California.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn the nitty-gritty of what makes a conservation leader, come join this community of like minded individuals, and help us tackle some of Californias most pressing conservation issues.  

Program Description 

Crews will be based out of remote tent camps in close proximity to project sites.  Work hitches will be typically 10 days in length, but could vary depending on location and project needs.  Crews will support a variety of conservation projects throughout the state.  Work projects during the season may include, but are not limited to: desert habitat restoration, fence/barrier construction, trail work/assessment, fuels reduction/mitigation, GPS data collection, invasive species management, public outreach, and resource (i.e. water, wildlife, Wilderness) monitoring. 

Field-life is often rugged, and while on hitch, members should expect to live without electricity, running water, and cell phone reception.  Additionally, while on hitch, this program is alcohol and substance free.  

Training Description (Tentative)
*Please note- this is a tentative training schedule.  A full overview and description of training will be issued two weeks prior to the start of training.  Additionally, members may recieve additional training opportunities depending on project needs.  

Training Location:
Frazier Park area, California, Los Padres National Forest

Tentative Schedule
10/4: Arrival and Welcome at Training site
10/5 - 10/6: SCA Corps Member Orientation
10/7 - 10/10: Wilderness Advanced FIrst Aid
10/11: Rest Day
10/12 - 10/14: Chainsaw Safety Training
10/15: Transition to Trail Project Site 
10/16 - 10/20: Conservation Work Skills 
10/21: Crews Depart for their housing/project sites 

Leadership Development 

Leadership development is a major focus of SCA California.  At the beginning of the season, crews will take part in an intensive training period designed to prepare members for the demands of field-based hitches.  Following the training period, members will take turns serving as a Hitch Leader for several hitches during the season. Responsibilities will include managing the work and progress of the crew, meal planning, assessing and managing risk on the project, and reporting and administrative tasks during and following hitch.  Each crew will be assigned a SCA Project Leader to provide technical support and oversight, additional training for project specific skills, and facilitate communication with SCA agency partners.   

Crew Housing  

For much of the season, crews should expect to be mobile.  While crews will have housing provided during their days off, teams will have access to a crew house in the Ridgecrest, CA area.  In addition to being a living quarters for the crew members, the crew house will also serve as the base of operations for the team and will be where the crew’s camping equipment, crew vehicle, and tools will be stored.  Members will be expected to work together to ensure that all SCA equipment, vehicles, and tools are properly maintained and ready for use in the field.   

During the season, members may go on a  roving track of projects. This could mean that they will remain at a project location other than Ridgecrest between hitches. It could also mean that crews will be staying at multiple project site between hitches. This is dependent on project location(s).  In these cases, SCA will still provide housing for members during thier off-time, although these housing options could vary depending on the project location.  

Member Responsibilities

  • Ensure project, basecamp, community, and general safety standards are upheld; full engagement is expected in all work projects and community activities 

  • Interfacing with general public and partner organizations in a manner that reflects positively upon the crew, organization, and agency 

  • Take on role of Hitch Leader for at least one hitch, serving as a professional liaison with park managers and SCA Project Leaders, handling the logistics of a project, meal planning, delegating responsibilities, developing emergency response plans, and completing all necessary paperwork. 

  • Recording work totals and creating reports for submission to agency partners; this will include GPS field data collection and post-processing 

Member Qualifications

  • Previous leadership experience is a plus; interest and investment in leadership development and teamwork is required 

  • Commitment to living and working within an intensive crew environment; interpersonal skills and community living experience are pluses 

  • Commitment to service in working conditions that will include: extreme heat, extreme cold, high winds, and precipitation 

  • Ability to enroll in AmeriCorps Education Award Program 

  • Ability to pass SCA background check 

  • Valid driver’s license; ability to pass Motor Vehicle Records check preferred 


Member Benefits 

  • Compensation: $250.00/week living allowance 

  • Health Insurance Option

  • AmeriCorps Award (900 hours - $3,097.50) upon successful completion of program 

  • Travel grant of $650 toward travel to and from your home to the project site 

  • All food provided while on hitch; members must provide their own food during off-time 

  • Trainings provided: Wilderness Advanced First Aid, Leave No Trace Trainer, Chainsaw Safety (possible), Off-Road Driving (possible),Trails Work Skills Training (possible), and SCA Leadership Development Training.   

**This position is part of a specialized SCA AmeriCorps program and if you are selected, you will be serving as an SCA AmeriCorps member. To be eligible for this position you must have served as an AmeriCorps member less than 4 times** 

*** The COVID-19 pandemic has requred SCA to implement several safety protocols and policies to help our teams manage the risks associated with the pandemic.  Please review the documents below for SCA’s updated organizational response plan and participant agreement form to learn more how our teams will be operating in the field. 

SCA COVID-19 Response Plan
SCA COVID-19 Participant Agreement Form

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  • The crew will be based out of southeast California area. From there, they will rove many project locations throughout California. Project locations may include; BLM managed lands in the Movaje Desert, the Los Padres National Forest, Joshua Tree National Park, and various other BLM managed locations in northern and the central coast of California. Depending on project availability, members may also be asked to serve in other project locations.
  • Wilderness Advanced First Aid, data collection; Chainsaw Safety (possible), Off-Road Driver (possible), Leave No Trace Trainer (possible), and SCA Leadership Development Training
  • Members will have the opportunity to lead their peers during field projects. 
  • Chainsaw;Off Highway Vehicles;Other
  • Hand Tools, Power Tools (project dependent), Drive with a trailer
Main Area of Focus
Natural Resources Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
some experience
some experience
Hand Tools
some experience
Leadership Experience
some experience