National Crews

SCA’s National Crews offer you a chance to visit places you’ve never seen before, camping with your crew members in the field to enjoy nature at its best. You’ll be building trails, conserving vital habitats, and protecting natural resources for future generations. National Crews will also set you on the path to other SCA opportunities, like Conservation Internships and team-based Corps positions.

Application deadline is March 4, 2019.  


National Crew Program Fee:

  • Program Fee: $500 per participant for selected participants*
  • No program fee for candidates who are not selected

National Crews:

  • Include 6 to 8 high school aged members per crew
  • Serve 2 to 5 weeks in the summer
  • Are supervised by two experienced adult leaders
  • Are usually volunteer positions
  • Have highly competitive admissions

National Crew Members:

  • Complete trail maintenance and restoration projects in national, regional, state, or local parks
  • Live in tents** on site and cook their own meals
  • Develop collaboration and leadership skills
  • Work with other high school students from across the country
  • Learn about local wildlife and help to preserve vital habitats
  • Learn practical outdoor skills and practice Leave No Trace
  • Explore local outdoor recreational opportunities with their crew on non-work days

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Is 15 to 19 years old on the start date of the crew
  • Is a current high school student, including graduating seniors
  • Demonstrates leadership skills and/or responsibility
  • Participates with extracurricular groups or volunteer organizations
  • Likes working with people
  • Enjoys spending time outdoors
  • Wants to learn more about ecology or environmental topics

2019 National Crew program dates coming soon!

Candidates must be available for at least one of the date ranges listed below. Being available for more than one track increases your chances of being selected for a position. There are a very limited number of 2-week crews each summer. Candidates who are available to participate for 3 or more weeks will have a higher likelihood of being placed in a position.


Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4




















How to apply:

SCA crew positions are highly competitive!  Last year, fewer than half of the candidates who applied received a position. Putting together an outstanding application is the best way to make yourself stand out from the crowd.  

  1. Login or Sign Up
  2. Complete the online SCA application, including the National/Regional Youth Crew Program Application
  3. Pay the one-time $25 application fee (returning candidates don’t need to pay again)
  4. Submit your application
  5. Visit the How to Apply page for more tips and details

2019 National Crew Admissions Process

SCA has a two-step admissions process. If you are selected to the program, you will receive on offer email on April 1st. If you accept this offer, SCA will reserve a spot for you in the program, but you won’t yet know the details of your crew assignment. You will receive a crew assignment as soon as you are matched to a specific crew. Selected candidates should receive their crew assignment between April 2nd and May 30th.


  • Application deadline: March 4, 2019

April through May

  • April 1: All selected candidates receive an offer email
  • April 1: All candidates who are not selected receive a waitlist or decline email
  • April through May: Offers sent to waitlist candidates as positions open up
  • April through May: Crew assignments sent to selected members

June through August

  • Offers sent to waitlist candidates if last minute spots open up

Questions about National Crews?

* National Crew members are eligible to apply for fee forgiveness and travel support. Members will receive travel support and fee forgiveness applications when they are assigned to a crew.

**Occasionally crews will live in dormitory-style housing.


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