How to Apply

Note: You must be 21 or older to be a Field Leader by the position’s advertised start date. 

Finding and Applying for Positions

All SCA Field Leader positions are advertised through SCA’s Current Leader Openings page.  Be sure to read each position carefully to find positions that match your experience, skill level, any other requirements (housing arrangements, medical certifications, etc.), and the dates you are available to work.

We begin to consider you for a Field Leader position when:

  • You have answered all the application questions
  • You have your resume and cover letter posted to the resume section
  • You have entered at least one reference
  • You have clicked on “Submit the Application”

The Review Process


Step 1: Prescreen

  • SCA staff will review your application to see that you meet the basic requirements and have relevant experience to the position you are applying to.
  • If you do not meet the qualifications, you will be hearing from us about other avenues to explore within SCA to make you a stronger candidate in the future.

Step 2: Review

  • SCA program staff will review your application, and, if you are a competitive candidate, will send you an interview request via email.
  • If you are not a competitive candidate, you will be emailed notifying you of our decision.
  • Depending on the time of year this process will happen within one to four weeks of your application being sent on for review.

Step 3: Interview

  • SCA staff conduct leader interviews via phone. Please make sure you have the correct phone number and time zone written down! The appointment will be arranged between you and the program staff interviewing you through email.

Step 4: Offer

  • If you are applying for a Community Crew Leader position or a Corps Project Leader position, you will be offered an exact placement with project details, dates, etc.
  • If you are applying for a National Crew Leader position, you will most likely be offered a position without a specific placement. This conversation is to let you know that we want to hire you as a leader for the upcoming season. The placement will come later, once we have programmatic details worked out.

More questions?

Contact us at [email protected].

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