FAQ - Community Crews

Community Crew FAQ

How do I update my online application or profile?

  1. Login to MySCA and click on the green “Manage Application” button on your Home page
  2. Update your Basic Application and your Program Application(s)
  3. Your updated information will be visible to all application reviewers as soon as you save it.

Is previous experience necessary?

No experience is necessary, just ample supplies of enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and a commitment to give it everything you’ve got. Keep in mind that a high comfort level with certain situations – such as working outside, interacting with wildlife, or making do without a cell phone – will likely result in an enhanced SCA experience.

How old do I have to be?

Community Crew members are usually between 15 and 19 years old. 14-year-olds may apply as long as they are currently in high school. 

Where do crews serve?

SCA places young people in city or state parks, forests, cultural sites, and urban green spaces such as gardens, playgrounds or vacant lots. The common thread among our sites is that they are all places in need of our conservation efforts!

Will I get paid? If so, how much?

As a member of a School-Year Community Program you can volunteer on weekends throughout the school year in the city where you live or receive a stipend/wage to complete service in your community. Stipend and wages vary by city. Visit your local SCA Community Program Page for specific information.

How do I adjust the availability dates on my application?

  1. Login to MySCA and click on the green “Manage Application” button on your Home page
  2. Your availability dates are in the upper left
  3. Double click on each date to update it
  4. Be sure to hit “Save” before you leave the page

How can I update my email address?

  1. Login to MySCA and click on the green “Manage Application” button on your Home page
  2. Click on the “Contact Information” button
  3. Make your changes
  4. Be sure to click “Save” before you leave the page
  5. In case you are wondering, updating your email will not change your username. Your username will remain as the original email you signed up with.

What will I have to pay for?

Participants are usually responsible for commuting costs as well as for providing your personal equipment including a backpack/bag, long work pants such as jeans, and leather boots. SCA has some equipment that it can lend and your selection information will give you information about how to borrow something from SCA. SCA will supply work t-shirts, gloves, water bottles, and group gear needed for recreation trips including tents, cooking supplies, cook stoves, and fuel.

How qualified are the crew leaders?

All of our leaders are caring and dedicated outdoor professionals who have experience conducting youth programs and outdoor activities. They come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some are attending graduate school, while others are school teachers or year-round outdoor leaders. They are all 21 years of age or older and hold current first aid and CPR certifications. Crew leaders have primary responsibility for conducting all aspects of the Community Crew program, including meeting you at the daily pick up/drop off location, shopping for food, delivering education curriculum, coordinating work projects with partners and SCA staff, and conducting the program to ensure the emotional and physical wellbeing of all crew members.

Can I go on a crew with a friend?

We do not place friends on the same crew together. We do this because we feel that an important part of the SCA experience is about getting out on your own and meeting new people.

What is a typical day like for a Summer Community crew?

A day can vary drastically by city but commonly crew members usually meet up by 8:00 AM at a designated meeting location and then travel together (by bus, van, or foot) to the work site. Crews work approximately eight hours – taking time out for lunch (your responsibility), breaks, games, or education activities. At the end of the day the crew heads back to the designated meeting location, where parents or public transportation take members home. 

I would like to know more about the recreation trips.

The outdoor recreation trips are all different and can sometimes include a service component. Some crew leaders have a plan in mind before the crew members arrive; others wait until they have a chance to observe their members’ interests or discuss the options with them. The trips range from backpacking for two or three days in the nearby area, to bike riding, canoe trips or horseback riding. Most recreation trips occur within 2-3 hours from the program city.

How do I get to my crew site?

You should use whatever method is the most feasible. In most cases, this will be public transportation or a parent dropping you off.

Can I bring my cell phone?

We do not allow cell phones on crew members while they are on project time. Crew leaders carry radios and/or cell phones for emergency use. Members are encouraged to travel with a cell phone but are then required to hand them over to the leader for safe keeping. Occasionally members can call home during lunch or other breaks.

Where does SCA funding come from?

SCA Community Programs are funded from a variety of sources including local governments, workforce and public land agencies, foundations, corporations, local clubs and nonprofits organizations – and people like you.