SCA sets the standard for field safety in conservation…

Safety is our #1 priority for all of our programs. We’re proud of our safety record and advanced risk management protocols, and we evaluate the safety of every SCA program and position before placing members in the field. 

With over 55 years of experience, SCA has developed standards and guidelines that promote a strong safety culture. SCA continually considers safety through hazard assessments and incident and “near-miss” analysis, integrating the lessons learned into our protocols, procedures and training. In addition to being time and event-tested, SCA’s risk management protocols and procedures are thoroughly reviewed ( and if necessary revised) each year by our Risk Management Team.

  • Training: Every position at SCA involves training to prepare your son or daughter for their experience. Trainings vary depending on the area of focus and specific environmental considerations (terrain, wildlife, remote locations, etc.) for each position.
  • Eligibility Requirements: For many positions, candidates must meet specific eligibility requirements to ensure that they will be able to participate successfully and safely in the position.  
  • Qualified Supervision: Whether your child will be directed by SCA crew leaders or supervised by one of our many site partners, we vet every position to ensure that each SCA member has highly qualified and responsible leaders guiding them through their experience. SCA maintains a 1 to 6 Leader to Member ratio for all team-based programs, and ensures that all leaders have first aid certification appropriate to the needs of their position.

I want to thank you so much for the experience Savannah had. Her father and I are so amazed with what she got to experience and the direction it has given her for her future college/career goals. She absolutely loved the entire experience and her crew leaders (Scott and Gabie) were the best!!
Erika Franz, parent of Savannah Franz, High School Crew Member, 2015 Voyageurs Leadership Crew

It has really opened my eyes to things about myself that I should be proud of and share with others. It also gave me a sense of team and showed me a different way of life that I fell in love with. I was especially inspired by one of my leaders who proved to be an amazing role model.
– Cristina Villalovas, High School Crew Member, 2015 Lake Clark Leadership Crew

My SCA experience has changed the way I carry myself and the way I view my environment. I have learned to take risks even when they seem daunting, which has drastically altered the way I interact with my peers and elders.
– Madeline Myers, High School Crew Member, Harpers Ferry National Crew, 2015