SCA has the power to transform…

New research shows that the SCA experience not only increases conservation awareness, but also develops social responsibility, strengthens leadership skills and helps fuel continuous growth, providing skills for enhanced success in school, work and life. Learn more…

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! This is exactly what this boy needed — he came home a different kid. More grown up. More prepared to head into adulthood forward facing. Love it. Wish I could go to work for The SCA as an evangelist / recruiter - because I’ve seen the power of the program first hand. It’s — man — if only every kid could have these opportunities!! Thank you!! 
– Sarah Pressler, parent of Joseph Walston, High School Crew Member, 2015 North Cascades Regional Crew

My SCA experience has greatly increased my self-confidence and has encouraged me to follow my goals. Being out in the wilderness and connected with nature allowed me to access my inner self in a way that other ways could not.
– Jesse Crosby, High School Crew Member, 2015 Olympic Marine Science Exploration Leadership Crew

This SCA experience has given me a lot more confidence in myself and my ability to solve problems and persevere through difficulties. It has also made me a lot more comfortable living and working with a large group of people - I feel significantly stronger in terms of “people skills” than I did before the program. It has also given me a sense of competence in the skill sets I have acquired, and I want to continue honing these skills which I believe have applications not just in future careers, but in my own personal life, too. 
– Joshua Reynolds, Young Adult Corps Member, SCA Massachusetts Corps, 2015

My SCA experience has made me become more social and mature. I am able to communicate with others with no problem and I have no problem trying new things.
– Taylor Newkirk, High School Community Member, 2015 Summer Rock Creek Delta Community Crew

My experience with SCA has become a foundational experience in my life that will be the cornerstone of the direction I take from here. It has directly influenced my decision to pursue a Master’s degree and the content of that degree. It is a stepping stone towards a career in large landscape conservation. 
– Clancy Jandreau, Young Adult Member, Natural Resources Conservation Intern, NRCS Washington State, 2014 and 2015