SCA Earth Month

In honor of Earth Day’s 51st anniversary, the Student Conservation Association (SCA) will engage its national community in simple acts of conservation to #SaveOurSphere. This April, alumni, members, partners, communities, and more will be inspired to make positive change through this virtual series. Join us to make a change today!


Post a picture of you making a positive change for the planet to #SaveOurSphere from April 1st to April 22nd for a chance to win two Southwest Airlines RoundTrip tickets* or other SCA swag! Be sure to share with friends.

Remember to tag SCA using @studentconservationassociation (Facebook & LinkedIn) or @the_sca (Instagram & Twitter) and #SaveOurSphere and #SCAEarthMonth!


You can make positive change through simple acts of conservation. Whether you commit to turning off unused lights or planting a tree, you can support the planet this April!

Prizes include two Southwest Airlines RoundTrip Tickets*, SCA Patagonia Backpack, SCA Travel Mug, SCA External Battery Charger, and SCA Reusable Utensil Kit!

#SaveOurSphere Virtual Series

1. Connecting to Nature

Hear how SCA NYC Community Crew members are connected to nature through their conservation service.

2. Combating Carbon Emissions

See how Calvin’s team is combating carbon emissions in California!


Explore how preservation keeps our planet sustainable with the Historic Preservation in Public Lands Corps!


Learn how to plant a tree and why trees are important for urban areas.

Virtual Programs

Connect with your community by helping conserve the planet! Just because we have to social distance from each other, doesn’t mean have to distance ourselves from the outdoors. Join SCA in online conservation activities that will connect you to the planet and to each other. You can help conserve by creating pollinator habitats, planting a tree, reducing your use, building a garden, and taking a hike! Take action to build a better planet. Originally created in 2020 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.

Tree planting while wearing masks

*Disclaimer: RoundTrip tickets valid until June 30, 2021, and are subject to domestic travel only and to the terms and conditions of Southwest Airlines.

SCA’s #SaveOurSphere Rules:

  1. Time Frame: April 1, 2021 through 11:59 p.m. April 22, 2021, eastern United States time zone.

  2. Criteria for Entry: Post a picture of you making a positive change for the planet to #SaveOurSphere. No purchase or payment necessary to enter.

  3. Which social media platforms qualify? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

  4. What are the prizes? 1 grand prize, 4 runner up prizes

    1. Grand Prize: Two Southwest Airlines RoundTrip Vouchers (VALUED AT $800)

    2. Runner Up Prizes: SCA Patagonia Backpack; SCA Travel Mug, SCA External Battery Charger; SCA Reusable Utensil Kit. (All Runner Up Prizes are valued at less than $100)

      1. Grand Prize is blindly selected first; Runner Up Prizes are blindly seleced after Grand Prize and receive the prizes in the order they are picked and listed in section 5 below.

  5. How is the winner picked?

    1. Participant must include #SaveOurSphere in post. #SaveOurSphere will be sorted through on a weekly basis to track, and put together a list.

    2. On Friday, April 23rd, SCA will randomly and blindly select the Grand Prize winner first; then Runner Up winners in this order: Runner Up 1: Patagonia Backpack; Runner Up 2: SCA Travel Mug; Runner Up 3: SCA External Battery Charger; Runner Up 4: SCA Reusable Utensil Kit.

  6. How are we ensuring fairness including no replicated posts, etc?

    1. One entry per person on any of the three platforms of your choosing.

    2. Winners are randomly and blindly drawn.

  7. SCA staff are not eligible to enter.



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