NPS Academy

Since 2011, more than 500 interns have “graduated” from SCA’s NPS Academy, an innovative, experiential learning program designed to introduce undergraduate and graduate students, ages 18-35, to career opportunities with the National Park Service.

This program aligns with the National Park Service’s goal to enhance professional and organizational excellence in the next century by recruiting and retaining a workforce that reflects the diversity of the nation (A Call to Action, 2013).

Interns attend a week-long orientation over spring break and serve in 12-week summer internships tailored to various NPS career tracks. Summer internships are available in a variety of fields, including visitor services, education, resource management – and many more!

NPS Academy is conducted in partnership with the National Park Service with philanthropic support from the Grand Teton National Park Foundation and additional support from the Teton  Science Schools.

Benefits include:

  • Weekly Living Allowance
  • Travel Allowance
  • Housing or Housing Allowance
  • Assigned NPS mentor
  • Hands-On Experience
  • Additional Career Preparation and Ongoing Support
  • Week-long orientation in March
  • Eligible for AmeriCorps Education Award

The ideal candidate pool includes:

  • Students who self-identify as being from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds
  • US Citizens
  • 18-35 year-olds
  • Current undergraduate & graduate students

The ideal candidate is:

  • Available for one week in March and twelve weeks in the summer
  • Open-minded and has an adventurous spirit
  • Toward the end of a college career, with some significant work experience
  • Not necessarily experienced in conservation or National Parks
  • Eager to act as an ambassador for SCA and the NPS
  • A licensed driver
  • Able to provide references with an application

Download the NPS Academy Flyer (PDF) for more information or to spread the word.

“Four months ago I couldn’t even dream of where I’d be right now. I love going to work every day and the people I work with are amazing. The people I’ve met and the work I’ve been doing has made me more confident in the outdoors and more concerned with the conservation aspect of our work. Now I have much more concrete goals in the NPS as well as potential for promotion and training opportunities.”

–Evan Gerry

“I got accepted to NPS Academy in March 2012, and I got flown to the Great Smoky Mountains. I absolutely loved it. It completely changed my life. I got to meet people who were super passionate about their jobs. I think that was the first time in my life that I met someone that was so passionate about what they were doing that I could feel it walking into the room. After that week, I thought to myself, ‘This is exactly what I want to do with my life. I want to put on the uniform, and I want to wear the awesome flat hat.”

—Millie Jimenez


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