Wilderness Ranger Interns (PO-00735021)

For SCA’s COVID guidance, please refer to www.thesca.org/covid

*Interns may start anytime between May 22 and June 5 to complete their 16 weeks of service*

The SCA intern will work in conjunction with district Wilderness Staff or a Trails Crew Lead to patrol, monitor, assess, and maintain trails in Designated Wilderness Areas and also non-motorized trails.  In addition projects may be tackled that include the decommissioning of inappropriate campsites and illegal trails.  The intern will be responsible for assuring wilderness areas and trails are maintained to established standards which will include the use of crosscut saws and/or chainsaws and other primitive tools.  The Intern will assist district wilderness and trail crew personnel to hike and clear blow down trees from trails both in and out of wilderness.  The Intern will be responsible for helping to identify and rehabilitate denuded campsites and user created trails.  The Intern will collaborate with partners, other agencies, and other interest groups to complete wilderness projects and tasks as assigned.  The Intern will be responsible for contacting a variety of user groups to provide information and education regarding wilderness regulations/restrictions and wilderness philosophy.  The Intern will monitor and check for compliance with regulations and track and report violations to supervisors.  The Intern will be responsible for educating forest visitors on "Leave No trace and "Pack it in, Pack it out" principles as well as standard information on resource management, pack stock use, and camping near water and trails.  The Intern will also assist in the collection of GPS data and assist in maintenance of assorted GIS data bases. Core aspects of this position include self-sufficient backpacking, unsupervised remote area work, and public contact.  Applicants must have and can articulate extensive experience in back-country environments.  Communication skills, individual work ethic and independence are desired qualities of the incumbent.  

Compensation amounts:

  • $1,100 – one time RT travel allowance
  • $460 – weekly living allowance
  • AmeriCorps eligible ($1,678 education award)
  • Housing

*All allowances subject to applicable federal, state, and local taxes

Position ID: PO-00735021

Expected Dates: May 22, 2023 - September 10, 2023

9Ten Mile Drive
Granby, CO 80446

Training Provided: Use and maintenance of primitive tools including cross cut saws. CPR/1st Aid training Trail Maintenance Training GPS Equipment use and data collection

Educational/Recreational Opportunities: The Sulphur Ranger District is home to amazing recreational opportunities including but not limited to; hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, fat biking, road biking, fishing, boating canoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, whitewater rafting and kayaking.

Handicap Accessible?: No

Main Area of Focus: Backcountry/Trail work

Further Details

AmeriCorps Eligible: Eligible

Driving Logistics: Recommended

Access to amenities, groceries, and entertainment

Housing or Stipend Provided?
A. Partner will provide suitable housing for the member

Interns will share small government houses with other interns or government employees. Houses consist of 2 or 3 small bedrooms with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Interns will be assigned a house with other interns or government employees of the same gender and each person shall have their own bedroom.

Indoor/Outdoor: Outside

US Citizenship: Yes

Student Conservation Association