SCA Ohio Conservation Corps – YA (PO-00734251)

Project Locations: Multiple locations in Northeast Ohio, primarily the extensive natural areas managed by Cleveland Metroparks

Position Summary:

Come join a trail crew completing high-impact projects throughout the surprisingly varied terrain of Northeast Ohio. The crew will be comprised of 4 young adult members (18 years of age or older) and 1 crew leader.

Program Description:

SCAs Ohio Conservation Trail Corps is a team-based program designed to introduce crewmembers to the rigors of conservation fieldwork and practice the interpersonal skills required in a team environment. Teams engage in project work focused on trail building and maintenance. Teams work with trailbuilders and land managers from Cleveland Metroparks, one of the nation's most visited parks.

Crews will begin their program with a field-based training program close to their project sites. Guided by an experienced Project Leader, Corps Members will learn and practice all the requisite hard and soft skills that are essential for a successful conservation project.

After training, Trails Corps teams will work on a variety of projects. Trail projects generally include clearing the trail corridor, installing grade dips and drainage structures, rehabbing and reestablishing the tread of a trail, building structures (i.e. retaining walls, check steps, staircases, fences, or barriers), rerouting the trail to more sustainable locations, benching new trails, decommissioning social trails, or logging out trees that have fallen on the trail. Trails within the Cleveland Metroparks see hundreds of visitors each week, and crews should be prepared for a variety of work projects to build and maintain sustainable trails given that unusually high intensity of use.

Crew members have the option to stay in shared housing around Cleveland Metroparks. Work hitches may vary from 4 to 8-10 days in length, depending on project needs and partner schedules.

Field-life is physically and mentally demanding. This crew will have access to amenities including electricity, running water, and cell phone reception, but should expect to spend evenings while on-hitch resting, refueling, and preparing for the next long day in the field. While on each hitch, this program is alcohol and substance-free.


  • $600 / week living allowance
  • Eligible for an AmeriCorps education award upon successful completion of the position. 
  • Training – SCA trails training, Corps Member Training
  • Shared housing provided by Cleveland Metroparks if desired

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Position ID: PO-00734251

Expected Dates: April 10, 2023 - December 8, 2023

Main Area of Focus: Backcountry/Trail work

Further Details

AmeriCorps Eligible: Eligible

Housing or Stipend Provided?
A. Partner will provide suitable housing for the member

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