Rare Species Wildlife Survey Interns (PO-00735055)

Rare Species Wildlife Survey Interns needed on the Baldwin/White Cloud Ranger District in Huron-Manistee National Forest in Michigan

The Baldwin/White Cloud Ranger District is seeking two motivated SCA members to assist with various rare species wildlife and vegetative surveys. The crew will work as members of a survey team to: 

  1. Inventory endangered, threatened, and sensitive wildlife species; (40%)
  2. Assess habitat suitability for various wildlife species; (5%)
  3. Conduct counts to estimate abundance of Karner blue butterflies, a federally listed endangered species, within designated management areas; (30%)
  4. Conduct vegetative surveys to estimate acreage of suitable Karner blue butterfly habitat within designated management areas; (5%)
  5. Conduct vegetative surveys to assess the effectiveness of different management treatments for restoring savannas; (5%)
  6. Identify management concerns for use in developing management plans; and (5%)
  7. Layout and implement habitat improvement projects to restore openlands and young forests. (10%)  

The data collected will be used by professional staff to develop management plans and conservation measures. The SCA interns will also assist with recreation and timber program activities, complete detailed field reports, enter data into various databases, and participate in outreach activities to educate the public about wildlife conservation issues.  

Housing is provided in an on-site bunkhouse with kitchen and bathroom facilities in an adjacent building.  Personal vehicle is recommended for personal errands, but a government vehicle will be provided for field work.

$300/week Living Allowance*
$1,100 Travel Allowance*, paid once with first paycheck
Housing on-site
– Eligible for AmeriCorps Education Award of $1,718.25, to be received upon successful completion of position
– Hours served can be applied toward the Public Land Corps (PLC) hiring authority

*All allowances subject to applicable federal, state, and local taxes.

It is SCA’s policy that all AmeriCorps-required background checks must return cleared results prior to the position’s start; this includes being fingerprinted for the FBI check. Otherwise, the AmeriCorps award will be removed or the position’s start date will be delayed due to non-compliance.

*For SCA's COVID-19 guidance, please refer to www.thesca.org/covid

Position ID: PO-00735055

Expected Dates: May 22, 2023 - August 13, 2023

650 N. Michigan Avenue, PO Box D
Baldwin, MI 49304

Training Provided: Defensive Driving Training. Training on Karner blue butterfly surveys, surveys of other wildlife species, vegetation surveys, habitat management techniques.

Educational/Recreational Opportunities: Experience surveying for and improving the habitat of endangered, threatened, and sensitive species. Off-duty recreational opportunities include but not limited to; hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing.

Main Area of Focus: Wildlife Mgmt

Further Details

AmeriCorps Eligible: Eligible

Driving Logistics: Recommended

Stores with amenities are within 3 miles of the office/bunk house.

Housing or Stipend Provided?
A. Partner will provide suitable housing for the member

Bunkhouse quarters with kitchen and bathroom facilities.  Bedroom is typically shared with one other employee/intern.  Bunkhouse quarters are located on-site at the Baldwin/White Cloud Ranger Station where intern will report to work during the week.  The Ranger Station is located in the small town of Baldwin, MI.

Indoor/Outdoor: Outside

US Citizenship: Yes

Student Conservation Association