Prince William Forest- National Park Crew (PO-00731637)

The crew’s focus will be on campsite restoration and maintaining of culverts throughout the park. The campsite restoration will include removal of existing picnic tables, barbeque grills and cement pads, followed by building and installing new tables and grills. The crew will also be responsible for clearing and maintaining all 92 culverts throughout the park. The crew will work to ensure that the culverts are cleared of debris and sediment buildup. The crew will be comprised of 1 crew leader and 3 crew members. Members must have personal housing arrangements near the worksite.  

As long as Covid-19 is a threat, members are expected to do their part to keep their team safe, this includes being mindful of current regulations, regular cleaning and disinfection of tools/equipment, regular health check-ins with staff, wearing a mask, and following policy and procedures outlined in SCA’s COVID management plan.

Schedule: Monday- Friday; 7:30am- 3:30pm
Pay Rate: $15 per hour (working 40 hours per week)
Transportation: Members must provide their own transportation to and from the worksite. Park is located at: 18170 Park Entrance Rd, Triangle, VA 22172.

Once you have submitted your application and at least two references, please email [email protected] to confirm your application has been received. 

Position ID: PO-00731637

18170 Park Entrance Rd
Triangle, VA 22172

Main Area of Focus: Visitor Services and Site Operations

Further Details

AmeriCorps Eligible: Not Reviewed

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